New Website, new GeoSetter Version?

After a long time I decided to rework this website completely – you now see the result. I did this not least because of new rules regarding private policy which take effect on 25. May 2018 in Europe (for your interest see here: General Data Protection Regulation). Unfortunately, I didn’t care about this website in the last years, so a simple update of the used CMS (WordPress) wasn’t possible now. That’s why I did it completely new.

Yes, and what are you just reading? A blog, the first on this website and my first blog ever. I intend to doing this from time to time in the future now, for example for commenting updates of GeoSetter, posting useful knowledge and maybe also posting non-GeoSetter related stuff, like my joy about a new camera, a recent vacation or whatever. I’m not sure if I will really do so, but let’s see…

It’s a new website, but missing is a new version of GeoSetter. I can tell you, that I’m working on a new version 4, but it’s still not finished. About one year ago I expected to be finished in fall – last year. Now I’m not sure if I will finish until the end of this summer. As I do the work on GeoSetter in my spare time, besides my regular job, my family and other activities, it’s difficult to estimate. But for those who like GeoSetter and maybe are waiting for something new: I’m on it 😉


  1. Dear Friedmann,
    This is very good news! I noticed continued activity on Mantis, it was clear you had not abandoned the project yet. Looking forward to your version 4, as GeoSetter *still* is a trusty favorite.

  2. Hello Friedemann,

    I am glad that GeoSetter is still in development.
    I remember that long time ago I used your Exifer for a while but I never sent you a postcard. So I still owe you one.

    Best wishes

  3. Looking forward to 4.0! Any news on possible planned features? It would be nice if you could add other location data sources such as Foursquare or Google Maps for place names suggestions along with geonames.

    1. Yes, I know, the location data service has to be reworked. But I will not do this in the next release, maybe in 4.1 then… I know about the problems and it has a high priority then…

      1. OpenStreetMap Nominatim also has some reverse geocoding services which could yield location names (buildings, businesses, venues).

        Personally, when I travel I like to use Foursquare to keep a log of the places which I visited using check ins. Then I use GeoSetter to add the venue name in the Sublocation field. It would be nice if my Foursquare Check in History could be displayed or used in reverse geocoding.

        I also like GeoSetter Favorites, I noticed the information is stored in an XML file. Have you considered using a SQLite db? This way if someone has a sizeable location db it can be imported as Favorites.

  4. Thank you for all your hard work on Geosetter. It’s a really good program and I look forward to seeing what version 4 is going to look like.

  5. Than you Friedemann! The website looks good, but v.4 of Geosetter looks even better from what I’ve seen! When are you going to show this marvel to the world? I know you are a perfectionist, but in my book 99.9999% perfect is good enough. Please release it!

  6. Hi Friedemann,
    I took a closer look at the translation into Italian but, contrary to what I had thought, you used the old translation (that I assume made by Thomas Krueger) and not mine. In fact, all the menus are back to the ancient “italiota” (that is: almost Italian).
    (from Google Translate: Ich habe mir die Übersetzung ins Italienische genauer angeschaut, aber im Gegensatz zu dem, was ich dachte, hast du die alte Übersetzung (die ich von Thomas Krüger vermutete) und nicht meine verwendet. In der Tat sind alle Menüs zurück zu den alten “Italiota” (das heißt: fast Italienisch).

    1. I think you are doing the translation for version 4, don’t you? Because a lot of things are changing, it would not fit to this version 3.5, I think… But of course I can check it…

  7. thanks for working on v4. using GeoSetter for the last 6 years and weekly for the last three years, for geotagging photos to upload to Mapillary.
    Keep up the good work

  8. Thank you for your efforts.
    It was very useful and was not available because it was not updated.
    I would like to thank you once again for the hope of developing into a better program.

  9. I appreciate your work and Geosetter helped me a lot in the old days with Nikon NEF. Now Nikon changed to a new NEF format which I encountered problem.

    Nikon manage NEF with sidecar and it seems that Geosetter only change the location in the NEF but not the location in sidecar. When the NEF is exported to JPG with CaptureNX-D, the JPG carried the original instead of the modified geo data. I hope you will look into the issue.

    Thanks for your effort in developing Geosetter. It is one of my favourite photo managing software.

  10. Very much appreciate your work on this program.
    I do hope the KML exports from Google Maps will work in the new version. I have a couple of cameras that I want to track with my phone settings and the KML import doesn’t work currently.

  11. Great news! Geosetter is the best and I’m looking forward to new version. It helps me a lot, especially GPS Image Direction feature on a map that helps me in my mapping projects a lot. Thank you for 1000 times.

  12. Great news!
    GeoSetter has geotagged thousands of my photos.
    I know how hard it is to create great software, fantastic work so far and looking forward for what’s next.

  13. Hi Friedemann,
    tx a lot, just donated. I love geosetter, and looking forward to v4.0.
    grtz from Amsterdam

  14. Is it possible to add Date and Time Taken image metadata based on image timestamp from file name with GeoSetter software?

  15. Hello from Spain.

    I just want to thank you for the work you have done during these years and tell you that I am glad that you are going back to the project with a new version of the program.

    Best regards,

  16. Hi Friedemann,
    Delighted to hear that you are working on version 4. Really looking forward to it.

  17. I’m a new kid on the block, from Majorca. I Just discovered your program 2 months a go and really like it even I still not use it at it’s 30% possibilities. I like photography and tracking and it help me to put both together. I tried to read the help file but after the main menu nothing else appear, no matter what you choose. Am I doing something wrong?
    Of course I will support you (donation) if I keep using your program and I think I will. Congratulations for the fantastic work you are doing.

  18. Hi Friedmann,

    I am very happy to learn that you not abandoned this wonderful program. I use version 3.5 a lot, it is a very capable and useful tool. I look forward to your version 4!.
    Thank a lot

  19. I’ve used your fantastic program for many years and It still does what I need. Please use my small donation today to update the map.

  20. I am so happy with the news! Geosetter is such a useful asset for an amateur photographer and geo-tagging enthusiast/freak. You’ve saved my life dozens of times with this app. Thanks!

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