GeoSetter and Internet Explorer

I often will be asked why GeoSetter needs an installed Internet Explorer, currently Version 10. It doesn’t play a role if you also have Chrome, Firefox, Opera or another browser installed on your system. GeoSetter uses the IE.

The reason for it is, that only the Internet Explorer can be embedded into applications as an ActiveX control. The map window which is shown in GeoSetter is the Internet Explorer, of course without any surrounding stuff, without menus, without a toolbar etc..

Obviously the Internet Explorer is installed on each Windows machine – unless you didn’t uninstall it for yourself. So GeoSetter should run on each Windows system, but unfortunately it doesn’t. By now GeoSetter is using Google Maps API, a JavaScript interface for showing the map. As Google continuously extends the functionality of their API, using up to date JavaScript functionality, Google always requires a minimum version of browsers for running their code. At the moment, for the IE, it’s version 10 (please see here: Google Maps JavaScript Browser Support). Unfortunately this version is not installable on Windows XP, as XP doesn’t fulfill the security requirements of this browser and all newer versions. In consequence: GeoSetter doesn’t work correctly on Windows XP. It runs, but the map will not work completely or it will produce error messages or wrong behaviour. I’m afraid this can’t be changed by me…

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