GeoSetter and Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom Plugin “Run Any Command”

Do you maybe also use Lightroom, so as I do, then I can recommend a lot the very helpful Lightroom plugins from Jeffrey Friedl. Especially regarding GeoSetter there’s a very handy plugin called “Run Any Command“. With this plugin you can launch commands for all selected image files. So it’s also possible to run GeoSetter with it from within Lightroom. GeoSetter will then be started in a special mode, called “Collection Mode”, in which only all selected files will be shown, no matter in which physical folder they are located on your harddisk.

Here is a short instruction:

Step 1

Download and install the plugin in Lightroom. How to do this, I will not describe here now 😉

Step 2

Now the plugin has to be configured under “File | Plug-in Extras | jf Run Any Command | Configure…”. As the command you have to put in something like:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoSetter\GeoSetter.exe" /PARAMS="{MANIFEST}" /COLLECTION

Step 3

Now you can select any image files in Lightroom, in a library folder, in a collection, wherever. Very important is, that before executing GeoSetter in the next step, all metadata of all selected image files has to be saved to the image files themselves. You can do this by selecting the option “Metadata| Save Metadata to Files”. If you don’t do this, you will maybe lose the current development settings and other data in step 6 below!

Step 4

Now GeoSetter can be started by selecting “File | Plug-in Extras | jf Run Any Command | Custom Command 1”.

Step 5

In GeoSetter you can edit the image files now as you want, for example assign map locations to them. When finished, you have to save your work, of course.

Step 6

Now back in Lightroom, the way vice versa is important, reading in the just changed metadata from the files on your harddisk. This can be done by selecting “Metadata| Read Metadata from Files”. The selection of images and of course also the data of selected files should not have been changed in the meanwhile!

That’s it 🙂

I also use these plugins from Jeffrey Friedl very frequently: Export to FlickrExport to FacebookCollection PublisherFolder Publisher und Metadata Wrangler

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  1. I got a problem with Google Map JavaScripts API. This error unable to show MAP in geosetter window.How to solved this error?

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