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0002383GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-25 12:34
ReporterMotalf Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSwindowsOS Version7
Product Version3.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002383: Map not visible on w7
DescriptionMap not visible on windows 7 !

sur le fichier map_google.html

Ligne 1117 à 1120:
L.tileLayer('{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
                maxZoom: 19,
                attribution: '©'

Replace with :
var osmUrl='http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png';
        var osmAttrib='Map data © contributors';
        var osm = new L.TileLayer(osmUrl, {attribution: osmAttrib}).addTo(map);

See if this solution works with W8 (8.1) W10 and w11
to solve the problem on w7 and talk to Friedemann about it

- the attached image shows the map displayed in geosetter on W7 with the above solution.
- The zip contains the modified map_google.html file.

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2022-12-02 18:19


OSM.JPG (238,348 bytes)
OSM.JPG (238,348 bytes) (7,836 bytes)


2022-12-02 18:33

reporter   ~0004078

I forgot the maxzoom

I attach the image with the code, it will be more meaningful

osm 2.JPG (20,191 bytes)
osm 2.JPG (20,191 bytes)


2022-12-02 18:42

reporter   ~0004079

the zip with the maxZoom correction

map_google (8,039 bytes)


2022-12-02 21:57

reporter   ~0004080

If you prefer a satellite map, here is temporarily a hybrid satellite map that works under Windows 7. The map is displayed in full quality.

File > Settings > Map > Map Address and Layers


2022-12-02 21:59


Geosetter.jpg (313,561 bytes)
map_google.rar (7,663 bytes)


2022-12-03 00:54

reporter   ~0004081

With Openstreetmap there are many possibilities !

in Map Satellite there are:
Esri Satellite
Bing map Satellite

there are others but Paid in API
But not Hybrid!
a way to get closer to it and add a CartoDB Voyager layer Like Below I did.

Afterwards it is Friedemann who will make the decision.
I just took over from his code! ;)

Map Sat.JPG (201,387 bytes)
Map Sat.JPG (201,387 bytes)


2022-12-03 01:00

reporter   ~0004082

With the zoom !

Map Sat 2.JPG (212,678 bytes)
Map Sat 2.JPG (212,678 bytes)


2022-12-03 01:34

reporter   ~0004083

You forgot a " in the google api script:
<script src="http://........Key></script>

<script src="http://........Key"></script>

I also have this happen to me often, either a " or either a >. :p ;)


2022-12-06 00:19

reporter   ~0004084

i have not yet testet your solutions, but i have coded a new simple geotagging tool that only need a browser (with internet connection) and exiftool. It runs also in win7 and is totally modificable.
Please read the instructions and the info page.


2022-12-06 21:46

reporter   ~0004085

Please don't link to server in your script. You can download the scripts and save it in the geosetter directory. That don't request the server and is better for Friedmann. ;) save ressources ?


2022-12-06 22:52

reporter   ~0004086


Ok thanks for the information!
I didn't know there was an impact.
Usually I get the css and Js in a local folder

how to do for the zip already posted ?
Can you remove them to avoid the problem ?


2022-12-06 23:39

reporter   ~0004087


All is good. I have testet your map_google.html and it works fine on Win7 with IE 11.

I have talked with Friedmann the last days for the future of Geosetter and give him a little bit tips. The idea of a html file with the map code (JavaScript) is always good, but not yet perfect. It was better to save the files (css, js, png, jpg, ...) was linked in the map_google.html local by the user, also in the geosetter directory and not on the server.

The idea of Friedmann by the map_google.html was, that users can modifying it. But except the Win7 users no one has done it. The greater problem of geosetter is also not the map displaying, was is generated with the map_google.html, but the Geosetter core. But this problem is a difficult problem and not really a problem, but also, perhaps in the future. By this, the really problem is time - the free time of Friedmann to code a new Geosetter core.

I have suggested another procedure to Friedmann, similar to a management. We will see whether he adopts it or not. It includes the idea for saving the files not on the server, but by the users, and by changes, publish a new version of Geosetter.

By the way, I have created a Geosetter Simple (with OpenLayer map) that has no core to cause problems. Geosetter Simple works like a website. It can be used localy (download).
Hint: First you must choose a map by click. By default no map is displayed.


2022-12-07 00:21

reporter   ~0004088

I quickly tested the option proposed by "slart".
But it does not offer all the possibilities of GeoSetter.
So for my part, I will continue to use GeoSetter. :)


2022-12-07 00:52

reporter   ~0004089

No worries I understand, I corrected locally see the images in the attached zip (with a few more changes).
 cool if the map file works with w11 it would mean that it will work with w8 and w10 until the next version.

do I attach the file without the OSM map links? (so I don't dare to post files anymore)

I tried with Bing map (Satellite) and Esri Vector (Hybrid) but with the api keys it blocks with updateCustomLayers apparently
My skills stop there!

I quickly flew over the Simple Geosetter (with OpenLayer map ) I'll look a little better!

Thank you ! ;)

Folder (140,758 bytes)


2022-12-07 01:07

reporter   ~0004090

Oupps sorry, the settings were out of order !

Folder (1,425,235 bytes)


2022-12-07 14:13

reporter   ~0004091

For me (Windows 7 x64) it works now. Thank you!
Also the satellite view, but I have to change the map under File > Settings > Map > Map Address and Layers every time.


2022-12-07 21:41

reporter   ~0004092

Thank you Thunderboy and Motalf!
I ended up using the hybrid map from Thunderboy.
But I feel the max zoom is still a bit far away.
Is it possible to get a higher zoom level?
Thank you anyway! :-)


2022-12-07 21:56

reporter   ~0004093

I put the 2 maps in the google-osm file, it will be easier than going to the preferences.

you have to add the line maxZoom: 18 (the max is 20 it seems to me)

there is a table for the zoom max according to the map I have to find it! (81,314 bytes) (81,195 bytes)


2022-12-07 22:02

reporter   ~0004094

unzip the zip in folder Geosetter

-file map
-folder osm

and put the map file path in the preferences
see picture below

image_1.jpg (79,825 bytes)
image_1.jpg (79,825 bytes)


2022-12-07 22:23

reporter   ~0004095

here is the table for the maps (it is not complete but it gives a starting point)

Zoom Map Leaflet.xlsx (12,500 bytes)


2022-12-08 03:01

reporter   ~0004096


maxZoom with Google.JPG (53,185 bytes)
maxZoom with Google.JPG (53,185 bytes)


2022-12-08 09:54

reporter   ~0004097

Thanks @Motalf for the edit. I didn't have time to do it. It's getting better.
In the files map_esri-osm.html or map_google-osm.html, edit the coordinates of your position below this line (approximately 1300).
if (ALatitude > 900 || ALongitude > 900) {
ALatitude =
ALongitude =

It would still be good to add attribution for Google, e.g.: attribution: ''
I won't edit it anymore.


2022-12-08 17:50

reporter   ~0004098

Thank you to Motalf for providing the map_google-osm file above, and for providing instructions on editing the zoom file.

I am now running Geosetter successfully on Windows 7 with Google hybrid map and OSM, at zoom 19. It even runs faster than the previous official version. Good software lives forever!

(and thank you to Friedemann for the classic software)


2022-12-08 20:47

reporter   ~0004099

Thank you, but i have no time yet to test it.

again, i had talked with Friedmann the last days. He code at this time an updated v3.5.3 with a little bit corretures for failure things. By this update, he put all files, that are requestet from geosetter from the server in the local geosetter directory. Maybe, next, the files go offline. Therefore my request to you, all files into a local directory. good one.

The next: in this same update the map_google.html will be splittet in html, css, js files and the last embeeded in the first. So, the thing is, you can wait for this update and make a new modififcation from this, or you make it now with splittet in html, css, js. The thing is, the updated geosetter will be not work in W7.

My idea, why the geosetter (default map_google.html) don't work in W7, is the ECMA, also the JavaScript Enginge in the IE. That can not "let" and "const" and so one. When you use a older leaflet or OpenLayers script, than it works furthermore. The last by OpenLayers is the 5.3.0.

On this day, Friedmann say, a Geosetter v4 is not expected to occur. He have no time for this. Also, we have v3.5.3 and in the next day a updated version from this with a little bit changes.

So, I have asked Friedmann to mark the code in the split files so that it is either visible which parts can be adjusted, or visible which parts need to be left unangstated. Then everyone has the chance to adjust these files as they like. We will see in the next days.

*Geosetter Simple*
Yes, it is really *simple*, but have no unvisible CORE. All code is visible and modificable. The published version is only a really simple version. From this, it is endless expandable. All what Geosetter can, is possible with Geosetter Simple - theoretically. Geosetter is only a connection to the local file system and exiftool. The map with all your functions (marker, GPX, ...) is compleetly outside in the map_google.html. From this point of view is Geosetter Simple a fully worked map_google.html without Geosetter.
By exiftool, Geosetter send the command on exiftool. In Geosetter Simple you send the command on exiftool. Thats the not so comfortable different, but it is a very little process: copy&paste. For this, it has no core.
So, what you need is time for coding or money for coders or find published moficated versions of Geosetter Simple.
*Geosetter Simple* is a new start for a free tool for geotagging. It depends on what is made of it. Good luck!


2022-12-08 20:55

reporter   ~0004100

unangstated = untouched (german: unangetastet)


2022-12-08 23:16

reporter   ~0004101

Thank you for the feedback ! it's cool !

for attrib I thought about it but I didn't want to touch it.
In the image with the google maps (street, topo, etc..) it is not mentioned
I will look!

ALatitude and ALongitude ditto I will look!

in the google_map.html file on the geosetter server, the maxZoom is 19 (from memory)
by copying the code from my map to modify, the maxZoom was 18.

if some want to change the level, there is the table to help you.

Thank you for this important information but this is beyond my knowledge.
I don't have your level!

I know a little leaflet because I edited 3, 4 map in local web page.
that's how I saw that the line to display the map was not good!

Html, css, it can be fine, I still have to learn.
But Js Scripts, etc... so there it is hard! I can understand it but can't apply it.
I do a little, but it's really tiny! ;)

Esri Vector (hybrid) works in local web page but no way to put it in geosetter as already said!
I must be doing it wrong (as said above)

Esri Vector (hybrid) and better than Esri Satellite, no need to add CartoDB Voyager
and is closer to Gmap Hybrid.

I did not add the search bar with the magnifying glass button which works well on the local web page.
In geosetter, she yo-yos at times.
To solve the problem, display the search bar and type enter.
It's a little bug but it can be annoying. that's why I didn't put it.


2022-12-09 05:16

reporter   ~0004102


For Google attribute
we have nothing to do, normally it should be displayed as below see the image.


2022-12-09 05:18

reporter   ~0004103

if you want to add an attrib
modify with the following code in the image below

I can't do anything more!

Attrib Google replace.jpg (61,251 bytes)
Attrib Google replace.jpg (61,251 bytes)


2022-12-09 05:39


map_google.html (41,475 bytes)


2022-12-09 05:39

reporter   ~0004104

A quick way to switch between three card styles


2022-12-09 05:53

reporter   ~0004105

Mapbox and Maptiler have a free API but a limited number of uses (to be verified)


2022-12-09 08:55

reporter   ~0004106

For Google attrib take this one instead, see the code below in the image

Attrib google.JPG (28,049 bytes)
Attrib google.JPG (28,049 bytes)


2022-12-09 10:18

reporter   ~0004107

@xyzzy The OpenStreetMap map does not show up under Windows 7. The other maps are working.

If I can find more time, I'll take a look at all your suggestions. I'm also not a great programmer.

map.jpg (27,571 bytes)
map.jpg (27,571 bytes)


2022-12-09 11:05

reporter   ~0004108

try it it should work now
I modified with my piece of code (8,381 bytes)


2022-12-09 11:12

reporter   ~0004109

Thanks @Motalf, it works. As I wrote, when I find more time, I will add more different maps.


2022-12-09 14:46

reporter   ~0004110

To add favorite cities

map_google-3.rar (8,243 bytes)


2022-12-09 14:47

reporter (8,360 bytes)


2022-12-09 14:50


Favorite Cities.jpg (296,125 bytes)


2022-12-09 15:58

reporter   ~0004111

Another version with only 2 maps

it's up to you to see which one suits you!
then I stop there

this one:

or this one: (81,531 bytes) (81,500 bytes)


2022-12-09 17:33

reporter   ~0004112

@Motalf : The last model is very good. Thanks


2022-12-10 03:30

reporter   ~0004113

For information :

if you want to change the unit of measurement of the map scale at the bottom left,
replace true with false and vice versa

Metric :
imperial: false,
metric: true

imperial: true,
metric: false

see below in the picture

map scale.jpg (21,881 bytes)
map scale.jpg (21,881 bytes)


2022-12-10 05:16

reporter   ~0004114

@Motalf: Missing an image

download.png (17,989 bytes)
download.png (17,989 bytes)


2022-12-10 06:09

reporter   ~0004115

I can not do anything !
this is a grayed out part of the code in my opinion.

the same thing happens on the map file on the server:

Friedmann is working on it I think!
apart from reporting a new bug, but he must be aware!

there is also the cross in the center of the map ditto.


2022-12-10 13:26


GeoSetter.rar (1,822,853 bytes)
GeoSetter-1.jpg (207,676 bytes)
GeoSetter-1.jpg (207,676 bytes)
GeoSetter-2.jpg (72,431 bytes)
GeoSetter-2.jpg (72,431 bytes)
GeoSetter-3.jpg (157,011 bytes)
GeoSetter-3.jpg (157,011 bytes)


2022-12-10 13:26

reporter   ~0004116

So I looked at it and kept the code from @Motalf. There are 14 maps in total. I added one more scale around the edges. It can be quite useful.
Apart from the map, no data is downloaded from the Internet or directly from the GeoSetter server.
Even Motalf understood this, that there was no need to burden other servers. This should also be used in the new version of GS.
I did this by copying the entire contents of the archive to your GeoSetter directory. And in the map settings you just type this geosettermaps.html

Google's hybrid map is set up first. If you want to set a different start map, you have to edit it in the code.
In the geosettermaps.html file, on line 1025, replace the entire section up to // 2nd map (line: 1026-1033) with another map below.
On lines 1014 and 1015 set your starting position (Latitude and Longitude).

Everything you need can be found in the attached images.
Everything works for me here under Windows 7, so test it out.
This is the final version from me. I won't edit it anymore. I'm happy with that.


2022-12-10 13:27

reporter   ~0004117

I solved the problem: In your solution, in the "OSM" directory there is an "img" subdirectory which contains the "png" including "favorite.png".
I created an "img" directory at the same level as "OSM" and copied the "favorite.png" file.
There it works again


2022-12-10 15:32

reporter   ~0004118


I saw afterwards that we could put more maps.
14 that's a lot I think, you can reduce the circles of the map thumbnails
not too much either otherwise it's too small, it will leave more visibility.
especially on small laptop screens 13 to 15 "

Otherwise nice work!

the original attrib is in the js script of the api key
but at the service/json level (something like that) so no access to retrieve it
the thing is, it doesn't show up in geosetter!
I moved up the attrib leaflet by 20px to see if it was below and nothing.

have you seen that I put a second preferable Attrib for google!?

I did'nt understand everything ! you click on the bubble or on the star favorites to display the popup?
I do not use these last buttons on the right of the menu so I do not know how it is displayed.
(I didn't pay attention to it!)

I don't know if it displays the favorites.png icon or if it displays a thumbnail (thumbnail) of the selected photo!?


2022-12-10 15:36


Icons menu map.JPG (29,286 bytes)
Icons menu map.JPG (29,286 bytes)


2022-12-10 15:37

reporter   ~0004119

It is when you click on a favorite place (defined on the maps by a star).
This star is also displayed in the top left with the information specified when creating favorites in the open popup


2022-12-10 15:42

reporter   ~0004120


favorite.png missing? odd!

image_2.jpg (137,132 bytes)
image_2.jpg (137,132 bytes)


2022-12-10 15:47

reporter   ~0004121

The path you displayed is "...AppData\Roaming\GeoSetter\OSM\img"
but it must also be in the path
so that they appear in the popup of the favorite


2022-12-10 15:55

reporter   ~0004122

For my part, in order not to duplicate the directories, I created a link with the command:
mklink /J C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\GeoSetter\img C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\GeoSetter\OSM\img


2022-12-10 17:50

reporter   ~0004123

I can't reproduce your solution!
possible it is because of the settings in preference.

the OSM folder and the map file is in program file x86
I have nothing in appdata/.../geosetter.

I copied osm to Appdata/.../geosetter
apply the mklink but nothing

if it's solved for you, great.


2022-12-10 17:59

reporter   ~0004124

tilt !!!
I think I understood why, on my side I created favorites of places but not from photos !


2022-12-10 20:05

reporter   ~0004125

@all : wow! I have all downloaded but no time to test it. And i think, why you do not spend the time in Geosetter Simple? Geosetter - also with the next update - is really outdated. There will be no version 4. Geosetter 3 is outdated. It works until it doesn't work anymore. No thought of security gaps.

@Motalf : xyzzy means, the image file is in the wrong folder. and by thinking, you can ignore local full path (appData). only relevant are relative paths.


all right?

@Motalf : you can here learn by yourself JavaScript:
For Leaflet there is not so good. OpelLayers have a very good example page and a very good documentation. Make it step by step. Learning by doing.


2022-12-10 20:46

reporter   ~0004126

@slart Geosetter Simple ( is not for me. The GeoSetter user interface is sufficient for me and I will remain faithful to it. :)
You write that there will be no new version of GeoSetter? I'm glad I at least got this old version to work. So I won't even post any more GeoSetter problems here.


2022-12-11 03:13

reporter   ~0004127


For the img file I will let 2, 3 days pass
and I will resume in the clear!

Often by doing this I find where I am stuck!

For w3schools/js, I watch from time to time!
I also go to and All
and others depending on what I'm looking for.

totally agree, step by step and with practice.


2022-12-11 04:31

reporter   ~0004128

I moved the files under "C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoSetter" but if I don't make the "link", there is the same problem: the star does not appear when I click on a favorite .
So I also did the following command:
mklink /J "C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoSetter\img" "C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoSetter\OSM\img"
but with admin rights


2022-12-11 04:39

reporter   ~0004129

This is how I create my favorites

Add favorite.jpg (230,251 bytes)
Add favorite.jpg (230,251 bytes)


2022-12-11 07:32

reporter   ~0004130

@xyzzy Why don't you use the portable version of the program? I don't have any problems with this, even if I move the GeoSetter directory to another drive. I see you put my work in there, so you should be good to go. That is, if you copied everything from my geosettermaps.html file. There's no problem with the OSM directory.


2022-12-11 07:40

reporter   ~0004131

Ok thanks to you 2!

I was able to reproduce the problem and the solution

actually when you click on the favorites icon on the map
the popup is displayed but the icon inside is not displayed.

with the mklink in admin the favorites icon in the popup is displayed next to the name of the favorites.

It must be a grayed out part of the code in my opinion.
see if the correction will be brought in version 3.5.xx


2022-12-11 08:15

reporter   ~0004132

The code in grey on the image is not displayed if it is html,
and is not executed if it is a script.

Graycode.JPG (36,580 bytes)
Graycode.JPG (36,580 bytes)


2022-12-11 09:53

reporter   ~0004133

Oh, I've run into that problem of yours as well. I apologize. What I wrote before doesn't help. There will be a bug in the code. I'll test it.


2022-12-11 12:09


GeoSetter-2.rar (1,823,145 bytes)


2022-12-11 12:09

reporter   ~0004134

The path for the favorite.png file is directly specified in the GeoSetter.exe file. So I have edited everything necessary in my files so that it is already displaying correctly. It's already working.
I did this by copying the entire contents of the archive to your GeoSetter directory. And in the map settings you just type this geosettermaps.html


2022-12-11 14:58

reporter   ~0004135

I think you used version 1.2 of "leaflet".
Can you use the latest version (1.9)?


2022-12-11 17:08

reporter   ~0004136

@xyzzy I didn't even deal with that. Tomorrow this old one will be too. This is still from the Geosetter site. Also the json3 file is also older. Anyone who wants to can put new versions of these files in there. and


2022-12-11 17:17

reporter   ~0004137

merci pour l'info!


2022-12-11 17:50

reporter   ~0004138

In case it is useful for someone:

1.- To change map type as we have always done (button in upper left corner of the map):
-At the beginning of the script:
    var currenttile=null;
    tile0=L.tileLayer('http://...', {maxZoom:19,subdomains:['...'],attribution: '...'});
    tile1=L.tileLayer('http://...', {maxZoom:19,subdomains:['...'],attribution: '...'});
    tile2=L.tileLayer('http://...', {maxZoom:19,subdomains:['...'],attribution: '...'});
    tile3=L.tileLayer('http://...', {maxZoom:19,subdomains:['...'],attribution: '...'});
    tile4=L.tileLayer('{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {maxZoom:19,attribution: '...'});

- Instead of the fake function SetMapType(AMapType):
    function SetMapType(AMapType) {
    if (AMapType == 0) {map.addLayer(tile0); currenttile=tile0;}
    else if (AMapType == 1) {map.addLayer(tile1); currenttile=tile1;}
    else if (AMapType == 2) {map.addLayer(tile2); currenttile=tile2;}
    else if (AMapType == 3) {map.addLayer(tile3); currenttile=tile3;}
    else if (AMapType == 4) {map.addLayer(tile4); currenttile=tile4;}
    else {map.addLayer(tile0); currenttile=tile0;}

- After map ='map')....:
    map.addLayer(tile4); currenttile=tile4;

You have to fill the variables tile0 to tile4 with the maps you want. For me five maps is enough, as we have always had.

2.- To find a location in the map:
- After <script src="./tools/js/json3.js"></script>:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
    <script src=""></script>

- After map ='map')....:
    var searchMarker = L.circleMarker([0,0],{radius:0});
    searchControl= new L.Control.Search({url: '{s}',
        jsonpParam:'json_callback', propertyName:'display_name', propertyLoc:['lat','lon'], marker:searchMarker, autoCollapse:true, hideMarkerOnCollapse:true, autoType:false, minLength:2});

You have to use the magnifying glass in the map, instead of the "Search box" at the bottom of the map window.


2022-12-11 20:10

reporter   ~0004139

@ Jllanos
And we get the coordinates (latitude/longitude) how?


2022-12-11 20:23

reporter   ~0004140

I found: by clicking on a point on the map, the coordinates are displayed. Thanks

Search.jpg (154,994 bytes)
Search.jpg (154,994 bytes)


2022-12-12 00:27

reporter   ~0004141

@jllanos Thanks. It didn't work for me at first, but then I figured it out. Why doesn't it show the crosshair? I haven't figured that out.


2022-12-12 02:57

reporter   ~0004142

I have never seen this "cross" in the center of the card...


2022-12-12 15:59

reporter   ~0004143

In case it is useful for someone:

3.- To correct the "crosshair problem":
- Replace old showCenterCross with:

function showCenterCross(AShow) {
    document.getElementById("crosshair").style.left = Math.round(document.getElementById("map").clientWidth / 2) - 8+'px';
    document.getElementById("crosshair") = Math.round(document.getElementById("map").clientHeight / 2) - 8+'px';
    if (AShow) document.getElementById("crosshair").style.visibility = 'visible';
    else document.getElementById("crosshair").style.visibility = 'hidden';

- Replace:
if (window.attachEvent) {
    window.attachEvent('onresize', OnResizeWin);
if (window.addEventListener) {window.addEventListener('onresize', OnResizeWin); OnResizeWin();}

-Replace old OnResizeWin with:

function OnResizeWin(event) {
    document.getElementById("crosshair").style.left = Math.round(document.getElementById("map").clientWidth / 2) - 8+'px';
    document.getElementById("crosshair") = Math.round(document.getElementById("map").clientHeight / 2) - 8+'px';

- Replace (important):
<div id="crosshair" style="position: absolute; z-index: 200; visibility: hidden;">
<div id="crosshair" style="position: absolute; z-index: 2000; visibility: hidden;">

I doubt crosshair ever worked. For me it is useless.


2022-12-12 16:46

reporter   ~0004144

Thanks to all. I've played around with it some more and it's perfect now. Everything works and it's better than Friedman's original version. :) I wanted to make buttons for those optional items to toggle when needed (Mouse position, Graticule, Scale) on the top right ... I've tried everything, but I'm not a programmer. I don't know shit about js. :(

Anyone know how to fix this? For me it's a very useful thing. That is, if it's not a problem in the .exe file itself.

Final-TB.jpg (241,611 bytes)
Final-TB.jpg (241,611 bytes)


2022-12-12 17:38

reporter   ~0004145

@ThunderBoy: Forget about putting new buttons on the top right if you are speaking to put them in this bar (Screenshot_1.jpg). That bar belongs to the Geosetter.exe and this will not be changed. You can put all you want into the map itself, as shown in the "geosettermaps.html" with the 14 maps.

Screenshot_1.jpg (10,336 bytes)
Screenshot_1.jpg (10,336 bytes)


2022-12-12 18:05

reporter   ~0004146

@jllanos: I didn't mean in the bar. I know this belongs to the program itself.
"14 maps" Shit, that didn't hit me at all. Thanks. I'll look into it another time. I've got other things to attend to.


2022-12-12 18:48

reporter   ~0004147

Do you mean something like this?

Buttons.jpg (282,938 bytes)


2022-12-12 19:01

reporter   ~0004148

@xyzzy I made quite a few of these buttons myself, but I only had them for decoration. :D When I don't know how to implent there L.Control.BetterScale, L.Control.MousePosition ...


2022-12-13 15:46

reporter   ~0004149

Maybe with code like:

var command = L.control({position: 'topright'});
command.onAdd = function (map) {
    var div = L.DomUtil.create('div');
    div.innerHTML = '<div><form><input class="leaflet-control-layers-overlays" id="command" onclick=toggleBar(this.checked) type="checkbox">Toggle Bar</input></form></div>';
    return div;
command.addTo(map); //your map variable

function toggleBar(bool) {
  if (bool){


2022-12-13 16:46


Bar Edge.jpg (172,432 bytes)
Bar Edge.jpg (172,432 bytes)


2022-12-13 18:49

reporter   ~0004150

Better, but certainly not the best solution (I am not an expert in css and javascript)

    function toggleTool(bool, tool) {
      if (bool){

in the "showMap3" function:

     edge = L.edgeScaleBar();//.addTo(map); //Will be added/removed by clicking on the corresponding "checkbox"
     bar = L.control.betterscale({
           position: 'bottomleft',
           imperial: false,
           metric: true
// bar.addTo(map); //Will be added/removed by clicking on the corresponding "checkbox"


2022-12-13 18:50

reporter   ~0004151

var command = L.control({position: 'topleft'});
      command.onAdd = function (map) {
          var div = L.DomUtil.create('div');
          div.innerHTML = '<div class="leaflet-container"><form> \
                  <input class="leaflet-control-layers-expanded leaflet-container" \
                  id="cmdBar" \
                  onclick="toggleTool(this.checked, bar)" \
                  type="checkbox">Bar</input> \
                  <input class="leaflet-control-layers-expanded leaflet-container" \
                  id="cmdEdge" \
                  onclick="toggleTool(this.checked, edge)" \
                  type="checkbox">Edge</input> \
          return div;
      command.addTo(map); //your map variable


2022-12-13 20:08

reporter   ~0004152

Correction for ESri-OSM and Google-OSM v1 and v2

Copy waypoint.png to OSM/img and rename it to marker_waypoint.png

correct in the 1/4 file
'img/marker_waypoint.png' to 'OSM/img/marker_waypoint.png

Correct @jllanos's Code for crosshair in the center of the map, here:

I can't check the rest, I don't have a gps track file with the photos corresponding to the file.

replace at the top of the map file

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" class=" ixigspl idc0_344">

    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
    <meta http-equiv="expires" content="604800">
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

Crosshair Works Great!

I will see later to modify the @jllanos's Code from tile0 to tile4 (2,562 bytes)


2022-12-13 20:49


OSM-img.jpg (113,039 bytes)
OSM-img.jpg (113,039 bytes)


2022-12-13 22:11

reporter   ~0004154

clip Screenshot Video here :

clip Crosshair
Clip favorite popup
clip Marker_wayPoint


2022-12-13 22:56

reporter   ~0004155

Thanks @xyzzy. Finally it works for me according to your script. I've added some more stuff in there. How would you do it the other way around. That would activate all plugins first and I will deactivate the one I don't need right now.

@Motalf I've never tried Traces. It's pretty handy sometimes. In the map log it throws me errors (80020101): clearSelectedWaypointName() and zoomRectangle2.


2022-12-13 23:10

reporter   ~0004156


In the simplest way, in my opinion, it is to add the controls to the 'map' (i.e. do not comment on the ".addto (map)"
and add checked = "true" when creating the <Input ...>:
like this: <Input .... checked = "True" .../>


2022-12-13 23:12

reporter   ~0004157

edge = L.edgeScaleBar().addTo(map);
     bar = L.control.betterscale({
           position: 'bottomleft',
           imperial: false,
           metric: true

      var command = L.control({position: 'topleft'});
      command.onAdd = function (map) {
          var div = L.DomUtil.create('div');
          div.innerHTML = '<div class="leaflet-container"><form> \
              <input class="leaflet-control-layers-expanded leaflet-container" \
              id="cmdBar" \
              onclick="toggleTool(this.checked, bar)" \
              type="checkbox" checked="true">Bar</input> \
              <input class="leaflet-control-layers-expanded leaflet-container" \
              id="cmdEdge" \
              onclick="toggleTool(this.checked, edge)" \
              type="checkbox" checked="true">Edge</input> \
          return div;
      command.addTo(map); //your map variable


2022-12-13 23:17

reporter   ~0004158

To create a track file, select photos with GPS coordinates and in the File menu select "Export to GPX Track File


2022-12-13 23:22

reporter   ~0004159

I made a little mistake in the answer 4155.
'true' must be in Lower Case


2022-12-13 23:57

reporter   ~0004160


I noticed that for Marker_waypoint.png, an image is missing on the geosetter server. (I can't find it)

so I didn't touch it but it stayed in my memory.

as I don't have a GPS track file, I opened a poi file for gps in .gpx
I saw that the waypoints icon on the map was missing.

In the popup of a waypoint there was the waypoint.png icon, this is where I remembered the missing image and copied waypoint to Marker_waypoint.
it was solved!

I also loaded a route file (in a route format) the track was displayed.

I also got the error when I click on a waipoint to display the popup.
I can't say where it comes from since I can't link a photo to a trace or if it comes from elsewhere

then I can go no further!

I'll check it out, thanks ;)


2022-12-14 00:03

reporter   ~0004161

@xyzzy It's working. Thanks again. I've already got it more sophisticated than on Google Earth. :D
@Motalf When you zoom in on all the routes with a magnifying glass, it shows the second error.


2022-12-14 00:51

reporter   ~0004162

I removed the greyed out code, made some corrections

In the gmap layer provider I had 2 times maxZoom, corrected

function showMap() replaced 13 by 19
function showMap2() replaced 13 by 19

maxZoom at 19
minZoom at 6

modified crosshair with code from jllanos's

map_Gmap-OSM_2map_Only (81,603 bytes)
map_Esri-OSM_2map_Only (81,568 bytes)


2022-12-14 00:56

reporter   ~0004163

I had a Zoom problem with gps track mode and Carto DB

by changing the maxZoom to 19 and the minZoom from 4 to 6
it solved my problem otherwise I didn't notice anything on my side


2022-12-14 06:24

reporter   ~0004164

Does anyone know the structure of ".gst" files?

There is no "clearSelectedWaypointName()" function in the code.
Does anyone know what this function is for?


2022-12-14 10:28

reporter   ~0004167


I know what you mean about the zoom on the track.

For my part I stop here, I wait that Friedmann brings the modifications on the next version 3.5.xx
I reported another bug
for me the map works!
I tested with the map-google.html file on the server and I find the same problem.

then it's the code between Geosetter and the leaflet script that needs to be edited.


2022-12-14 11:35

reporter   ~0004168

The first error occurs when opening any GPS file. It doesn't matter what the scale of the displayed map is. There is no problem there. In my opinion, the map should adjust to points when opening any file. That seems to be the problem. The second error occurs when I just click the mouse on any point. Does it do this to you as well?
As @xyzzy wrote clearSelectedWaypointName() is not defined anywhere. When I added it like that, it no longer throws an error. Whether this is good I have no idea. :)

function clearSelectedWaypointName() {
            document.getElementById("current_waypoint").innerHTML = "";

errorGS.jpg (408,808 bytes)


2022-12-14 15:15

reporter   ~0004169

In case it is useful for someone:

4.- In case you usually zoom in/out the map with the mouse wheel, maybe you would like to remove the +/- button of the map.
The map look more clean :
- Replace map ='map')....
  with map ='map',{zoomControl:false})...


2022-12-15 00:13

reporter   ~0004170

As for Motalf, I'll stop here and wait for the new version of Friedmann's GeoSetter. A+


2022-12-15 17:20

reporter   ~0004176

@jllanos There would be better to add a button to return to the starting position of the map instead. As specified in the map_google.html file. Especially when I have high magnification. I wouldn't have to wiggle the mouse wheel so much. :) This could also be applied in the future directly in Geosetter.exe


2022-12-15 21:17

reporter   ~0004179

I've already applied it there myself, so I don't need to deal with it anymore. Clicking the button returns the map to the default view.


2022-12-21 09:33

reporter   ~0004240

I am attaching my latest working version for Geosetter 3.5.3 with all the modifications discussed in this thread. For further information: I have edited everything into my native language.

GeoSetter - final.rar (155,590 bytes)


2022-12-21 12:09

reporter   ~0004248

Thank you Friedemann for the new version 4. It's great. The maps are working ...
... but not OSM on a Windows 7 system. I konow you wrote at this will happen.

Anyone a simple solution for OSM an Windows 7?!


2022-12-21 12:33

reporter   ~0004250

@Erik I've already written to the boss. You need to change the map layer. File > Settings > Map > Map Address and Layers > Map Layers. Select Openstreet map and change the Layer URL to: http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png


2022-12-21 14:19

reporter   ~0004251

hello !

while waiting for the corrections of version 4.04
I use Exiftool it's longer but it works like geosetter

I use a local web page I enter the data in the 3 tables
and one button per table shows me the line to put in Exiftool(<enter line here>).exe

see picture below

Coordonnées GPS
rename Exiftool file



Exiftool(-GPSLongitudeRef=E -GPSLongitude=48.853326 -GPSLatitudeRef=N -GPSLatitude=48.853326).exe

Altitude et Orientation
rename Exiftool file



Exiftool(-GPSImgDirectionRef=T -GPSImgDirection=110.22 -GPSAltitudeRef=0 -GPSAltitude=34.82).exe

Coordonnées GPS Destination
rename Exiftool file



Exiftool(-GPSDestLongitudeRef=E -GPSDestLongitude=2.349063 -GPSDestLatitudeRef=N -GPSDestLatitude=48.853266).exe

and drag the image to the exiftool file
of course! for a dozen images it helps

GeotaggWhithExiftool.JPG (128,356 bytes)
GeotaggWhithExiftool.JPG (128,356 bytes)


2022-12-21 14:29

reporter   ~0004252

If interested here is the zip (31,735 bytes)


2022-12-21 15:02

reporter   ~0004253

I believe that one can do this and even more with GeoSetter.
1-By selecting a source image,
2-make a "Copy Data to Clipboard".
3-Then select the destination images
4-make a "Paste Data from Clipboard"
5-Select the items to copy in "Paste from Clipboard"

Copy Paste-3.jpg (76,024 bytes)
Copy Paste-3.jpg (76,024 bytes)
Copy Paste-1.jpg (31,413 bytes)
Copy Paste-1.jpg (31,413 bytes)
Copy Paste-2.jpg (78,247 bytes)
Copy Paste-2.jpg (78,247 bytes)


2022-12-21 15:03

reporter   ~0004254

Thank you! That was easy and works!


2022-12-21 21:14

reporter   ~0004257

I'll take a closer look when I reinstall Geosetter.
I stop by from time to time to see the progress of bug fixes.

with exiftool we can also do it with a csv file, I'm studying that
more other things.


2023-02-05 16:36

administrator   ~0004535

Last edited: 2023-02-05 16:38

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This discussion is essentially about the official GeoSetter version. However, I have taken a few suggestions for the current beta version 4 from here, many thanks to you, especially to @xyzzy and @Motalf and of course all others too!!! I have now added a few map types, but I am not sure which ones I will actually use in the final version. Then I copied the ScaleBar :-) I am unsure about Windows 7. If I have understood correctly, is it enough for OSM to change the address to http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png? I have done that.

Maybe I've over-read something here, so please feel free to point out important things again! :-D

The version 4.0.41 beta can be downloaded here:


2023-02-05 17:43

reporter   ~0004536

The OSM layer change for Windows 7 works, but I have no idea if it works on newer versions of Windows.
The things I used to use in the map view (plugins and map edits) are not yet used in the newer versions of the program. I don't want to keep editing the map.html file. Plugins don't need to be added there. But the scalebar can be there. It is suitable there. The other plugins would be up to everyone, when they can be edited/added directly in GS (without interfering with map.html), as I wrote here But it's up to you. I noticed while translating the program that it's already starting to be prepared :) In my opinion, the + and - buttons on the map are completely unnecessary. Everyone already uses the mouse wheel for that.

If we don't like something, we figure it out and discard it. :D


2023-02-05 19:35

reporter   ~0004539

on geosetter v 4.0.xx ditto I had to replace the OSM provider

Map OSM in w7.JPG (429,421 bytes)


2023-02-05 19:58

reporter   ~0004540

Maps not visible on w7 !
for the rest of the maps impeccable

the option button is a good idea for zoom or scale !


2023-02-05 23:10

administrator   ~0004541

@ThunderBoy, you can switch the zoom buttons now off in the submenu right in the map toolbar (or the main menu)
@Motalf, regarding " I had to replace the OSM provider": I did it now for all in 4.0.41. And I will remove the Maps Mappy.*, at the moment I don't see anything there with Windows 11.

BTW: Im developing GeoSetter in a VM with Windows 10 and working with it on my main PC with Widnows 11.


2023-02-05 23:25

reporter   ~0004542

I don't think is going anywhere anymore. They already have it taken care of. They worked for me for a while though. I couldn't get them to work. They will only go directly through


2023-02-05 23:34

reporter   ~0004543

@Friedemann I hope the program will remember the setting. I don't feel like turning them off regularly. :) Also custom objects are not fixed yet and for some time they were displayed automatically after restarting the program. Now they have become inactive!


2023-02-06 00:31

reporter   ~0004544

@Friedemann It's already in version 4.0.41 and it works too. But I don't use the last version of GS because Flat Mode with filters doesn't work there and I need it now. I'm attaching the current map file. These maps are all working for me under Windows 7. Most of them are for the whole world. I think they could all be used in the program. Check it out and edit the map addresses because some of them don't work in the latest version or use this file.

map_layers.xml (5,485 bytes)


2023-02-06 17:42

reporter   ~0004547

The OSM Topo map doesn't display at closest zoom. One click out is okay. (GeoSetter 4.0.41 / Win10) It could be that the map tiles just aren't loading, but I waited what seemed an adequate amount of time. I'm looking in upstate New York, USA (43.07968050 -74.12934239)

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