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Summary0000791: Enhancement request: ability to offset maps to counter misalignment in places like China
DescriptionGoogle maps (satellite and street) are misaligned by 300-1,000m in China. The misalignment can be to a different distance and direction between the satellite and street maps. The amount of this misalignment changes in different parts of China, and also seems to change over time.

I have photos from Shanghai that I positioned two years ago that now appear in a different location on the map! I have photos from my iPhone 4 (built-in GPS) that are in the wrong location on the map. This makes setting the GPS coordinates of photos from my Canon 500D (no GPS) rather inaccurate.

You can also Google for this problem, where you will read that people have no problems with GPS mapping in Hong Kong instantly have problems when they cross the border in to Shenzhen.

My enhancement request is:
1) An ability to automatically correct the error in the UI so that picking the location via street or satellite view adds a correctional value to the coordinates provided via what I presume is Google's mapping API

2) If this can't be done automatically (presumably that would require a database of up-to-date coordinates), then provide the ability in the UI to calculate the misalignment using a reference image. For example, if I have a photo from my iPhone, show it on the map, then ask where it really is (both street and satellite views). With that delta, either have a way to add the delta to subsequent photos that are positions via the map service, or shift the map in the UI by that delta so that the user gets the correct coords when they position a photo.
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2011-04-02 18:39

reporter   ~0001538

Please contact me if you want some reference photos that you can use as test cases. I can probably place them to 5-50m, which is better than the Google's error.


2011-04-23 19:21

reporter   ~0001551

This is an issue covered in Google forum:

It seems that satellite maps are correctly aligned but not terrain or street maps.

Strangely, it has been reported that using the mapping service of instead of produces correctly aligned maps.

A potential solution, my guess, is to add to Map Type drop down list.


2023-02-24 23:35

reporter   ~0004653

Information about converting between China's coordinate system (GCJ-02) and GPS coordinates:

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