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0000572GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-07-15 22:35
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Summary0000572: portrait pictures loose their exif tags when geo-tagging
Descriptionrelates to GEOSETTER 3.3.48 (build 1828) on Windows Vista using EXIFTOOL 8.20 and 8.21

Some (most portrait) pictures loose their exif tags when geo-tagging with GEOSETTER and EXIFTOOL 8.20 as well as 8.21.
I have not noticed this happen with standard landscape format (4:3), but with almost (!) all portrait and panoramic pictures.
Additional InformationFirst noticed using EXIFTOOL 8.20, but I don't know which was the last version without this behaviour.

I include two examples (reduced size) before and after tagging; picture no. ...84 strangely worked without problems in original size !
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2010-06-03 15:32

reporter   ~0001114

I used EXIFER (latest available version 2.1.5, an old but - up to now - reliable horse) to look at the tags first, and this program does not see the tags and the exif-thumbnail after geo-tagging. Updating the thumbnails in EXIFER actually deletes the exif-tags - and so I did not see them in other tools neither.

So it seems I have to blame EXIFER to kill the tags - but why should EXIFER not see the tags ? And why only in portrait pictures ?

I add a picture after updating it by EXIFER. Most camera-related tags are missing.
My main concern is the tag "Date/Time Original", since I use this for sorting.

2010-06-03 15:32


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2010-06-04 13:08

administrator   ~0001115

Honestly I can not see any problems with your images (in and P1210187(EXIFER).jpg). All your images contain Exif data (including "Date/Time Original"). See Ctrl+I in GeoSetter. Also all your images are shown in correct orientation in GeoSetter.

You are right, Exifer does not show all Exif data. It seems that it have a problem with some data, but as Exifer has not been updated for 8 years now, it's not a surprise ;-)


2010-06-05 01:14

reporter   ~0001116

My solution for know is: I don't touch the geo-tagged files any more with EXIFER ...
Too bad that EXIFER is no longer maintained: It has a very nice feature to modify the "date/time original" in increasing steps. I use this for batch-tagging my scanned slides... Maybe you could include this in Geosetter, this way I would no longer need EXIFER.

Thanks for your time to look at the problem !

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