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0002395GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-21 10:47
Reporterroscoe Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Summary0002395: Tracks are loaded incorrectly
DescriptionA big thanks to Friedemann for this new version.I just installed this. So far runs well. But there is one problem.

Many of my GPX tracks are not loaded at all, or only piecemeal. There are lots of error messages when loading the tracks. Also, the display is very disturbing because of many blue trees.
This problem also affects tracks that were loaded from the net as a finished tour.
All these tracks can be loaded in the old version 3.5.3 without any problems or error messages. The display as a line is also flawless.

Also other applications like GPSSee or Route Converter have no problems with these tracks.

It would also be very nice if when loading a track the map changes to this position. It was like that in the old version.

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2022-12-20 11:19


Track_1 4.0.4.jpg (340,351 bytes)
Fehler_Track 4.0.4.jpg (83,413 bytes)
Fehler_Track 4.0.4.jpg (83,413 bytes)
Track 4.0.4.jpg (573,735 bytes)
Track 3.5.3.jpg (548,363 bytes)


2022-12-20 13:29

reporter   ~0004222

@roscoe it seems to me it is the same error, I ran into and @Heiko provided a workaround here:


2022-12-20 13:42

reporter   ~0004223

For the workaround you edit map.js in C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoSetter beta\map (with administrator authority!) by changing in line 1630:

buggy: var track = GSM._getElementById(this.tracks, trackId);
fixed: var track = GSM._getElementById(GSM.tracks, trackId);

i.e., you have to replace "this" by "GSM"


2022-12-20 15:03

reporter   ~0004224

@WilfriedB Thanks for the tip. I have made the change. Now the tracks are loaded without error. However, the blue trees are still there and partly only the trees without track line. But I think that will be fixed in the future.


2022-12-20 16:11

reporter   ~0004225

@roscoe good and thank you for the feedback!
I did not run into those blue trees. Certainly a different issue. Sounds like wrong icons for way-points or similar.


2022-12-20 16:23

reporter   ~0004226

It seems that these are the new icons chosen by Friedemann for the "Waypoint".
In the previous version it was:

marker_waypoint.png (700 bytes)
marker_waypoint.png (700 bytes)
waypoint.png (700 bytes)
waypoint.png (700 bytes)


2022-12-20 20:26

developer   ~0004227

@WilfriedB: just to clarify, the change in map.js is present in the next version of GeoSetter

@roscoe: the blue trees are the new icons for waypoints. So this is what Friedemann wanted. Can I close this issue?


2022-12-21 10:06

reporter   ~0004242

@heiko yes, the issue can be closed. But it would be better if the tree icon becomes smaller. It looks very confusing and unclear. See my pictures Track 4.0.4.jpg and Track_1 4.0.4 jpg.


2022-12-21 10:24

reporter   ~0004244

@roscoe As #xyzzy wrote here Feel free to change those icons in the program for any others. You can also put a cannabis leaf there. :)
Geosetter > map > img > marker_waypoint.png


2022-12-21 10:47

reporter   ~0004246

@ThunderBoy. thanks, i will test it in the next days.

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