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0002390GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-23 00:09
ReporterWilfriedB Assigned ToFriedemann  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformThinkPadOSWindows 10OS Version22H2 Build 19045
Product Version3.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002390: A new Beta Version 4.0.2 (Released on 17.12.2022), but URL for download not found.
DescriptionThis morning GeoSetter 3.5.3 announced a new Beta, but the URL was not found.
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2022-12-18 08:57



2022-12-18 13:56

reporter   ~0004185

Try this link:


2022-12-18 14:17

reporter   ~0004186

Thanks a lot @xyzzy! I did try several variations, but forgot to omit www .... downloading now!


2022-12-18 14:44

reporter   ~0004187

OK, download, install and a first start did work! Thanks a lot Friedemann! Now, we will see, how it works.

One first experience:
I needed to import the settings from 3.5.3, but this is just a "good to know" and if the settings are stored in different places, could also have some advantages.


2022-12-18 15:28

reporter   ~0004189

Make a backup of the 4.0.3 settings before (just in case)


2022-12-18 15:29

reporter   ~0004190

For the moment, I found a few sentences not translated into French. I translate them.


2022-12-18 19:14

reporter   ~0004193

There is a new version 4.0.4


2022-12-18 20:24

reporter   ~0004194

There are still many minor errors that have not been corrected. For example. 0002383#c4117 On the favorites icon, it links to a non-existent "img" directory. It's defined directly in geosetter.exe


2022-12-18 21:03

reporter   ~0004195

I apologize, but I didn't check first. The bug is that the map/img/favorite.png icon is missing in the program installation. It needs to be added to the program installation. It would be good to give the option to download the portable version as well. I don't feel like installing it all the time.


2022-12-18 21:28

reporter   ~0004196

With 4.0.4, I ran into these minor problems:
- Trying to add a view direction, I don't see the triangle until I select a different image and return to the first. Then I do see the triangle, but cannot change its angle, because the handle for that sits exactly at the same place as the position marker (or in other words Lat/Long for the position is identical to the destination). If I change the destination Lat/Long using the Edit dialog, it seems to work correctly.
- When I navigate to a different folder within GeoSetter, I see the following error message in 'Map Log. However, besides the fact that log pops up, everything seems to work fine
 18.12.22 20:43:00 ERROR: TypeError: Die Eigenschaft "tracks" eines undefinierten oder Nullverweises kann nicht abgerufen werden.; TypeError: Die Eigenschaft "tracks" eines undefinierten oder Nullverweises kann nicht abgerufen werden.
   at Anonymous function (file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/GeoSetter%20beta/map/map.js:1630:17)
   at GSM.zoomObjects (file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/GeoSetter%20beta/map/map.js:1629:13)
   at Global code (Unknown script code:1:1)
  GSM.zoomObjects({"markers": false, "coordinates": [], "tracks": ["8"]}, 15);
The above error also appears after moving up one directory level or if you press Refresh (F5) - in my case, after copying a tracks file (GPX) to the directory.

- After installing 4.0.3 and starting GeoSetter for the second time, the Maps file could not be found. The path in settings was indeed wrong, (but unfortunately, I neglected to record it). After changing it to the correct path ( C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoSetter beta\map\map.html ) it did work fine. After installing 4.0.4, it kept the correct path.
Changing the path in 4.0.3, I noticed another little bug:
It will not work, if you enclose the path with double quotes ( "C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoSetter beta\map\map.html" ) The " are added by Windows Explorer, if you use Shift-Right Click-P to copy the full path (which I frequently use, to avoid typing).


2022-12-18 22:44

developer   ~0004198

Last edited: 2022-12-18 22:56

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@WilfriedB: your second error is already fixed by Friedemann. I've had the same problem.

You can fix it yourself, by changing the map.js in line 1630:
buggy: var track = GSM._getElementById(this.tracks, trackId);
fixed: var track = GSM._getElementById(GSM.tracks, trackId);

you have to replay "this" by "GSM"


2022-12-19 01:30

reporter   ~0004199

With this new version, there have been new features, many of which have no translations in French and I presume in many other languages as well.
I sent my translations (.mo and .po files via email to "").
I await a further response.
If you are interested, I can send you my files for translation into other languages.


2022-12-19 01:38

reporter   ~0004200

We should all thank Fiedemann for delivering this version to us fairly quickly, but I'm sure he's waiting for our comments, issues and requests for improvements and will respond quickly.


2022-12-19 09:04

reporter   ~0004204

@xyzzy Give it time and breathe. There are still a lot of things he has to deal with. As long as we have a new and improved version and the rest will be done in time.


2022-12-19 09:12

reporter   ~0004205

@Heiko thanks a lot for the tip. I did edit map.js with administrator authority and it works now!
One point I forgot to mention yesterday:
After changing images with 4.0.3 for the first time, Norton would block GeoSetter from writing to disk until I defined it as an "exception". Unfortunately I had changed 20 files at once, so Norton signaled the issue many times and clicking to define the exception was not so easy ... so, it would be better to update only a single file for the first trial with a new beta version.
In 4.0.4 I did not notice any problems with Norton. Either my exception still worked or Friedemann did change something for that.


2022-12-19 14:49

reporter   ~0004206

I don't use image direction views, but I ran into a problem. See video:
It displays an error when you move the view. I have to click the button again to see the view because it doesn't automatically appear. Also the two buttons at the end of the video don't work.

ERROR: TypeError: Nemožno získa? vlastnos? Where nedefinovaného odkazu alebo odkazu s hodnotou null; TypeError: Nemožno získa? vlastnos? Where nedefinovaného odkazu alebo odkazu s hodnotou null
   at GSM._getElementById (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter%20test/map/map.js:681:9)
   at Anonymous function (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter%20test/map/map.js:548:13)
   at (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter%20test/map/inc/leaflet/leaflet.js:5:5368)
   at _onDragEnd (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter%20test/map/inc/leaflet/leaflet.js:5:74139)
   at (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter%20test/map/inc/leaflet/leaflet.js:5:5368)
   at finishDrag (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter%20test/map/inc/leaflet/leaflet.js:5:61932)
   at _onUp (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter%20test/map/inc/leaflet/leaflet.js:5:61622)
   at o (file:///Y:/PORTABLES/Graphics/GeoSetter%20test/map/inc/leaflet/leaflet.js:5:23468)


2022-12-19 17:04

reporter   ~0004207

When I click on a favourite, the star changes but the information is no longer displayed

Favoris.jpg (63,885 bytes)
Favoris.jpg (63,885 bytes)


2022-12-19 19:25

reporter   ~0004209

A ".png" is missing. I copied the file "marker_waypoint.png" under the name "waypoint.png" and the image appeared

Missing png.jpg (49,591 bytes)
Missing png.jpg (49,591 bytes)


2022-12-19 19:54

reporter   ~0004210

Images of favorites (selected/unselected) have been inverted
Replace rows in "map.js"
    _getFavoriteIcon: function (selected) {
        if (selected) {
            if (!this.favoriteIconSelected) {
                this.favoriteIconSelected = L.icon({
                    iconUrl: 'img/marker_favorite.png',
                    iconAnchor: [16, 16],
                    popupAnchor: [0, 0]
            return this.favoriteIconSelected;
        } else {
            if (!this.favoriteIconUnselected) {
                this.favoriteIconUnselected = L.icon({
                    iconUrl: 'img/marker_favorite_selected.png',
                    iconAnchor: [16, 16],
                    popupAnchor: [0, 0]
            return this.favoriteIconUnselected;

    _getFavoriteIcon: function (selected) {
        if (selected) {
            if (!this.favoriteIconSelected) {
                this.favoriteIconSelected = L.icon({
                    iconUrl: 'img/marker_favorite_selected.png',
                    iconAnchor: [16, 16],
                    popupAnchor: [0, 0]
            return this.favoriteIconSelected;
        } else {
            if (!this.favoriteIconUnselected) {
                this.favoriteIconUnselected = L.icon({
                    iconUrl: 'img/marker_favorite.png',
                    iconAnchor: [16, 16],
                    popupAnchor: [0, 0]
            return this.favoriteIconUnselected;


2022-12-19 21:15

developer   ~0004211

I don't think it's really helpful if many erros are strung together in one process, as is the case here. Each error should be treated in a separate process, only then Friedemann can keep the overview and can fix the corresponding errors.

And please, give Friedemann time. He has a normal exhausting job and works on GeoSetter in his spare time.


2022-12-19 21:21

reporter   ~0004212

Do you want everyone to create a new entry for each anomaly they find?


2022-12-19 21:48

developer   ~0004213

@xyzzy: in a page-long text in which several problems are discussed, you have no overview and errors go under. I know bug tracking systems only so that you create a process for each error. Well, there is a superordinate Epic ..

But I can ask Friedemann how he would like it :)


2022-12-20 00:34

reporter   ~0004217

As it's a Beta version, I thought (and may be not the only one) that putting all the little anomalies in the same places was OK.
But if Friedemann prefers to have them separated, I'll do it without any problem.
Let us know his preference.


2022-12-20 20:36

developer   ~0004228

@xyzzy: I was still talking to Friedemann yesterday and he prefers it if there is a separate Mantis issue for each error.

@WilfriedB: Friedemann did not change anything when saving the image data. I think Norton hast changed something here on the detection of "suspicious" activity.


2022-12-20 20:43

reporter   ~0004231

@heiko: I will then redo a separate entry for each error that I have reported here. thank you


2022-12-20 20:49

reporter   ~0004232

I also think that when it's a beta, all issues should be discussed in one thread. For the final version, I can understand it. But as the boss says, so shall we do.


2022-12-20 22:41

developer   ~0004234

so if this is "only" supposed to be a discussion about the beta version, then of course this can take place in one thread.

But if the bugs are to be fixed that are addressed here, then that can only work with separate issues.

But good that you are looking at this beta version, that's the only way to get a stable version!


2022-12-21 08:54

reporter   ~0004238

OK, so for everyone. When there is a new or next Beta version, a thread will be created for it. There we will discuss all the problems concerning it.


2022-12-22 10:55

reporter   ~0004263

@Heiko Would it be possible do define a Severity or Category in Mantis for "Discussion" or "Hints Tipps" or similar? I believe, it could be helpful for everybody


2022-12-22 15:57

reporter   ~0004265

Is it a good idea: create a separate entry for each bug and in this thread, refer to the bug?


2022-12-22 16:11

reporter   ~0004266

Exactly @xyzzy After all, Mantis is a bug tracking system - not a discussion forum. For the purpose of tracking and solving problems, a clear structure is needed.


2022-12-23 00:09

developer   ~0004270

@WilfriedB: I don't have administrative access to Mantis, so I'll forward your suggestion with the "Discussion" category to Friedemann.

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