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0002122GeoSetterImage Datapublic2022-12-22 02:04
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Summary0002122: Lightroom cannot write metadata to JPGs saved by GeoSetter
DescriptionLightroom fails with an error when writing metadata to a file that has been saved by Geosetter.

But the image (before and after geosetter save) can be read just fine in Lightroom and any other app.
Steps To Reproduce1) Geotag image with geosetter
2) Import into lightroom
3) Make some metadata changes in Lightroom
4) Right click image in lightroom, in context menu select "Metadata" -> "Save Metadata to File"
5) Lightroom attempts to write to file, but fails with error: "Could not write metadata. Unknown file format."
Additional InformationThis problem occurs with every file written by Geosetter it seems. I've attached one such file to the bug. You can also find the image file here:
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2021-06-07 09:23


JZB09344.JPG (3,841,687 bytes)


2021-06-07 18:12

developer   ~0003855

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GeoSetter is using ExifTool for writing metadata.

Which version of ExifTool are you using? The latest version is 12.26. If you have an older version you should update ExifTool.

If the problem still appears with the latest version of ExifTool you should report this problem in the ExifTool forum.


2021-06-08 09:29

reporter   ~0003856

The problem occurs even with the latest version of ExifTool. But it's actually been going on for at least two years. I just never bothered to report it until now. Maybe the key is to figure out exactly what's wrong with the jpg that causes lightroom to reject.


2021-06-09 18:06

developer   ~0003857

Report this behavior in the ExifTool forum ( Phil Harvey (the ExifTool programmer) always takes a close look at something like this.


2021-11-24 22:08

reporter   ~0003881

I have experienced the same thing with a DAM software that uses Adobe XMP library, the information was read, but I couldn't update it. I did a thorough debugging with Phil Harvey, and identified the following steps to reproduce the issue
1) start with an out of the camera image (in my case DNG)
2) geotag it with GeoSetter
The problem is in XMP-tiff family that contains an empty ImageDescription tag. When I deleted the that specific tag, the geotagged file became compatible with the Adobe library. I would expect that the same library is used in Lightroom. I think, it is unnecessary, to create the any of XMP-tiff family tags, at least for non-TIFF images.
This XMP-tiff tag family is not created, if I first assign a tag in DAM, and geotag the image afterwards.
Before the exiftool commands are fixed, a workaround is to delete the offending tag manually with exiftool
    ''exiftool -xmp-tiff:imagedescription-= FILE''

You can see the discussion in exiftool forum

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