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0002109GeoSetterImage Datapublic2021-01-10 18:07
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Product Version3.5 
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Summary0002109: Thumbnail contents are orientated wrong
DescriptionThumbnail from Samsung Galaxy 7 are orientated correctly but content in the thumbnail are oriented wrong.
See 2020-11-12 21_18_19-GeoSetter.jpg
Selecting multiple pictures and "Edit data..." (Ctrl-E) open dialog where content are rotated correct
See 2020-11-12 21_19_07-Edit Data.jpg
Other programs such as acdsee and photofiltre do not have problem
TagsThumbnail orientation



2020-11-12 21:25


9701122.jpg (4,916,104 bytes)


2020-11-13 14:31

reporter   ~0003840

One more info - the preview below thumbnails also correct


2021-01-10 18:07

reporter   ~0003846

Exactly the same issue for me. Samsung SM-G800H

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