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0000973GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-10-24 16:18
ReporterStanRohrer Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000973: EXIF TMP File Remains
DescriptionDoing a file save after updating geo data on many files in a directory (todays cases are 865 files and 528 files). One to ten files are randomly left with a tmp suffix such as file name IMG_9110.JPG_exiftool_tmp where the file name should be IMG_9110.JPG. I have to go to Windows Explorer and fix the suffix to access the file.

GeoSetter 3.1.16 (build 2119)
Windows 7 x64
Quad Core fast Intel CPU and system.
Additional InformationI will do updates to the software and see if I can tell any difference. This problem occurs nearly every time I do a massive edit of 100 or more files.
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2012-08-01 21:27

developer   ~0001817

normally the virus scanner block the renaming of the file. You can try to deactivate your virus scanner and check if the scanner is responsible for this behaviour. Don't forget to reactive the virus scanner after this test!!!

you also should update ExifTool if you have not already done this.


2012-08-02 02:20

reporter   ~0001819

I update ExifTool at every request so it has been up to date. I turned off Microsoft Security Essentials and did file saves and still had some errors. Anti-Virus seems not to be the problem. The failed files have been internally updated but the file name is not returned to the original. At first I suspected iMatch (my photo database tool) was interfering but I have had the file name problem while it was also not running.


2012-08-02 16:56

reporter   ~0001820

Be sure to erase the "*_exiftool_tmp" files before trying again with the virus scanner disabled. If you don't erase these files first then the command will fail with "Temporary file already exists" errors.

- Phil


2012-08-03 13:30

reporter   ~0001822

I've just released ExifTool 8.99 with a patch to retry the rename operation up to 50 times (at 0.01 sec intervals) in an attempt to bypass this problem. Please try this new version to see if it helps.

Note that this topic is also discussed in the ExifTool forum:,4297.0.html

- Phil


2012-08-04 02:52

reporter   ~0001823

Loaded ExifTool 8.99. Ran an attempt on a directory of almost 1400 jpg files and had no error tmp files on completion. I will try another run tomorrow but this is a significant improvement over my past experiences which likely would have left 5-20 bad files and potential lost photos.


2012-08-04 12:25

reporter   ~0001824

Last edited: 2012-08-04 12:25

Hi Stan,

This is a good sign. Did ExifTool give any warnings like: "It took X tries to rename FILE"? -- If you get these then the new patch is working.

- Phil


2012-08-04 17:56

reporter   ~0001825

I've run a couple more attempts at 1400 files and have not seen any tmp files remain nor seen any "It took x tries..." messages. So something is different but perhaps not in the way you intended during the file save.

I am seeing some random issues with GPS coordinates not reading or being flagged as erroneous. My most recent run had some file with Altitude issues reported but these do not seem repeated from previous runs. I wonder if I have memory limits or something with so many files. I will try a smaller batch (also faster for each test) and see if the random errors go away.


2012-08-04 20:27

reporter   ~0001826

Numerous more attempts on 500, 750, and 1400, images and have not seen any tmp files remain nor seen any "It took x tries..." messages. GeoSetter 3.4.16 (Build 2119) with ExifTool 8.99.

The aforementioned random errors appear to be related to something during use of the GPS Sync __when using a time clock offset__ and having some photos not get GPS data (GPS file didn't cover the time period) and then the location lookups go wrong. I may need to try to get some more testing to define these conditions better.


2012-08-07 02:05

reporter   ~0001830

OK, thanks. It appears that the patch in ExifTool 8.99 may not be helping, but that something else changed to make this problem less frequent.

- Phil


2012-08-08 14:24

reporter   ~0001831

An exiftool user has done some more testing:,4297.msg20479.html#msg20479

His conclusion is that Geosetter is causing this problem.

- Phil


2012-10-18 02:36

reporter   ~0001865

Any more updates on this issue?

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