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0000964GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-07-08 20:58
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Product Version3.4.16 beta 
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Summary0000964: Incorrect altitude being picked from GPS track log
DescriptionI am using version 4.4.16 (build 2119).

When trying to geotag NEF files from a GPX tracklog generated by BT747, the altitude is tagged incorrectly.

Altitude is being stored as a negative value (which in itself is not a problem) but the value is also incorrect. I have converted the GPX tracklog to csv to make sure that the numbers are different.
Additional InformationAttached is a screenshot of the altitude tagged in Geosetter, a jpg conversion of the NEF file, the GPX and corresponding CSV file with the tracklog.
Tagsaltitude, BT747, NEF


2012-07-07 19:27


Geosetter Matis (1,972,048 bytes)


2012-07-07 19:31

reporter   ~0001801

Perhaps I am doing something horrible wrong... This is the first time that I use Geosetter. Apologies in advance if that is the case.

Just bought my first GPS logger and am just getting into the world of geotagging my photographs.

Excellent program btw. Kodus and many thanks!


2012-07-07 22:16

developer   ~0001802

The altitude value of -8,6 m is correct. The taken time is 18:06:57; I assume that this time is CESZ. A GPS logger always is using UTC time. Therefore you have to look in your GPX file for the time 16:06:57. There you will see that the altitude ist -8,6m (see attached picture)

2012-07-07 22:17


Mantis964.png (1,834,087 bytes)


2012-07-07 22:25

reporter   ~0001803

You are correct, the time is CET. Looking at the raw logger data from the csv file, the heights are all above 30m for the time period between 16:05 to 16:07 (see attached picture).

2012-07-07 22:25


Heights.png (231,921 bytes)
Heights.png (231,921 bytes)


2012-07-07 22:53

developer   ~0001804

I've just looked into the GPX file itself, and the altitude is -8,6m. Here is the data of the trackpoint:

<trkpt lat="55.690304" lon="12.598939" >

This is the value for the altitude: <ele>-8.6</ele>, and the data is -8,6. I don't know how you've created the CSV file, but I assume the data is wrong.


2012-07-07 23:11

reporter   ~0001805

Just did some digging into the software that exported the GPX and CSV files. The GPX file elevation is corrected from WGS84 to MSL which is why there is a difference.

Thanks for the assistance; MSL elevation is what I am looking for. Geosetter is doing precisely what it should.



2012-07-07 23:24

developer   ~0001806

BTW, GeoSetter can correct the altitude values. Select all images where altitude values should be corrected. Then select "Edit | Edit Data" and select the Tab "Location". Here press the button "Get All from Web" in the section Altitude. Doing this, GeoSetter querys the altitude values from In your example the altitude will be 3,0m.


2012-07-08 16:46

reporter   ~0001808

Noted, thanks. I shall probably end up using the built in feature in Geosetter as you suggest. But first I plan to take my phone to the same spot where the photograph was taken to double check the elevation. -8,6 seems too low since I was standing at a height overlooking the harbour by about 3-4 meters.

Perhaps my GPS logger is not recording data accurately.

Please close the bug ticket. I don't see any way for me to do it.

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