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Summary0000920: Allow user-added maps from WMS (Web Map Service) and TMS (Tile Map Service) systems
DescriptionMany countries provide their own high-detail maps in WMS/TMS format. One example is MyTopo for US (which is already added to GeoSetter), another example is Norways Statkart ({zoom}&x={x}&y={y}).

It would be impractical for GeoSetter to include all the world's available map servers, and the dropdown menu would be overcrowded. But it would be very nice if users could add the own WMS/TMS server URLs and use those maps in GeoSetter.

An example of an application which allows this is OpenStreetMaps JOSM editor.
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2015-09-19 08:49

reporter   ~0002225

I have been using a custom map URL (File > Settings > Map > Map File) to replace OSMarender and with maps of my own choice. Not the nicest solution, but it works very well.

However, in the beta versions, these maps have been removed from the map choices, making it impossible to overrule them with my own maps.

Please make it possible to add custom maps. Ideally, you would query the "Map File" URL for a list of offered maps, and show this list in the map dropdown in GeoSetter.

The beta version does allow to add custom layers to the map, but as far as I can tell (I have not been able to get them to work), these are overlay layers, since they have to be KMZ or KML URLs.

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