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Summary0000872: GPS leap seconds not considered/mentioned on synchronizing images with gps track file
DescriptionIt seems to me that the GPS leap time is not considered nor is the user given any hint on that when synchronizing the photots with a recorded GPS track. One can chose on the timezone and some manual time adjustment in the dialog only.

I could imagine of a checkbox there to optionally consider the correct amount of leap seconds of GPS versus UTC time (see e.g. for this).
Additional InformationI have a GPS logger (bluemax) for recording of tracks. On using bt747 for exporting the recorded data I told it not to manipulate the gps time by any means, the tracks exported therefore use the original gps timestamps.

My camera is set +/-1s correct to local time (currently UTC+1 +1 additional DST).

On synchronizing the pictures taken with the camera I now have to be aware of the gps-to-utc time shift and to know of it's correct amount and correction "direction" (currently 15s gps in advance of utc) to gain the correct sync result. Else - as it happened to me the first times on sync'ing - it results in a nearly correct sync only with the error being hard to recognize as it is that small: 15s in my case leading to few meters difference only so that everybody - including me - is assuming the gps precision would cause this.

As i have to deal with such time problematics daily at work, I was then able to find the problem's cause. But I guess most will not be aware of such a very special thing like the gps leap seconds are.
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