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0000863GeoSetterImage Datapublic2012-02-26 01:38
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Product Version3.4.21 beta 
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Summary0000863: Setting time shift AND time zone for many images at the same time does not change ALL images
DescriptionTested with Product Version 3.4.16 (latest release) and 3.4.22 beta, none of these versions is available in the dropdown combo.

I have my GPS (Garmin GPS60CSx), camera (Panasonic DMC-TZ10), and computer all set to the same timezone, which is UTC+2 (Swedish summer time, from here on called SST). The camera has a built in GPS but I find it slow in response and also very unsensitive, the Garmin is way more effective in updating the location).

For learning, I have 10 images that I experiment with. Those 10 images were taken in Cochrane, Canada (timezone is MDT). When looking at the pictures in Geosetter the Taken Date is shown in SST. Although that is in a way correct, I want to change the Taken Date to reflect what the local time is. I think that makes more sense when viewing the pictures. Therefore I select all 10, use Time Shift -8 hours, and then click Set Current Values For All Selected Images. This changes the date/time correctly for all images, however a time zone information is inserted after the time for the picture that the cursor is on. E.g. Taken Date before change is 2011-06-17 04:01:17, and after the change 2011-06-16 20:01:17+02:00, all other pictures get the time shifted OK but lacks the +02:00 number.

The reason it sets +02:00 is because that is what my default time zone says. So then I thought I would make two changes together: 1) Time shift -8 hours AND set the timezone to where the picture is taken, in this case UTC-7 +DST1, making it Mountain Daylight Savings Time, MDT.

So starting from scratch with my original 10 images I now:
1) Mark all 10, ctrl-E for edit
2) Set Time Shift - 8 hours
3) Set Time Zone UTC-07:00, DST+01:00 America/Edmonton
4) Click Set Current Values For All Selected Images...
5) Let Taken Date and Created Date be checked, click OK

All ten images now have the time shifted -8 hours, however only the first has the time zone +06:00, all others are left blank.
I click ctrl-s to save the changes, and at that time the remaining 9 images get +02:00 after their time.
(Since I only use sidecar files, i now have 10 xmp-files, which is fine, I do wish to keep my images as close to the original as possible).

Once I have my 10 images saved I once again try to set the time zone:
1) Mark all 10, ctrl-E for edit
2) Set Time Zone UTC-07:00, DST+01:00 America/Edmonton
4) Click Set Current Values For All Selected Images...
5) Let Taken Date and Created Date be checked, this time I also see a check box "Timezone only", which I leave checked, click OK
Now all 10 images are set correctly, even when I save. Time shifted -8 hours and set to MDT.
However, as a result of doing this in two steps, I have a double setup of xmp-files. First 10 coming from the first step, and then another 10 where the previous 10 have _original added to them.

So, my real question is: How do I set time shift AND time zone for all 10 images at the same time?

Concering time issues MY PERSONAL opinion is that there should be some sort of "Local Date/Time". I am confused by the way values are stored. However, going one step further to synchronize from my Garmin track log works like a charm when I set Time Adjustment to Time Zone. When I look at the positions in the map I see that the positions indeed are what I expect. Fantastic!

I would very much appreciate to hear from you and let me know if I am doing adjustments in the wrong order or if there maybe is a bug?

My plan for the future is to correctly set time to reflect the local time the images were taken, and then geotag. After all that work is done I intend to import into Apple's Aperture to arrange in albums etc. Aperture is capable of importing xmp files as well, hence my approach to save to xmp files instead of into the original image.
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