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0000083GeoSetterImage Datapublic2008-03-20 20:44
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Summary0000083: Add the possibility to export photos in google earth as the new photo object.
DescriptionThis new object allow the user to see the poto from the correct distance (nice scaling of the photo and the satellite data) and with the correct orientation. (check feature request on adding heading information)
So if you have the heading, with the sensor size and the folcal lenght used, you can then export the photo to google earth as a photo object ( ) and google earth will display them as it does with the giga pixel project.
Sensor size and focal length can be retrieved from either exif or makernotes. knowing them will allow you with the proper formula ( )
to compute an angular field of view, that will be used by google to compute the zoom to use so that the photo view "overlays" with the landscape in google earth at the proper scale.
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