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0000826GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2012-02-26 01:38
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Summary0000826: Output metadata to a text file using GeoSetter
DescriptionHi, I also posted this to the ExifTool forum.

I need to output metadata into a text file. I can do that beautifully with ExifTool. I use:

exiftool -csv -r -Location -SourceFile -CreateDate -FileName -GPSLatitude -GPSLongitude -Description -GPSimgDirectionsRef -GPSImgDirection -Title C:\Users\Jenn\Desktop\geosetterTest\test > out.txt

I'm adding GPS metadata with GeoSetter which uses ExifTool. There's an option under File>Settings to "Use Additional ExifTool Commands after GeoSetter Commands". It looks like I should be able to put in the same command line and when I save changes, it should output the text file with the metadata.

However, the only way it does anything is if I do it like this:

-execute -csv -r -Location -SourceFile -CreateDate -FileName -GPSLatitude -GPSLongitude -Description -GPSimgDirectionsRef -GPSImgDirection -Title C:\Users\Jenn\Desktop\geosetterTest\test > out.txt

When I save the files, I get:
"ExifTool Execution Statement"

C:\Users\Jenn\AppData\Roaming\GeoSetter\tools\exiftool.exe -@ "C:\Users\Jenn\AppData\Local\Temp\et02BD7405.arg" -execute -overwrite_original -P -csv -r -Location -SourceFile -CreateDate -FileName -GPSLatitude -GPSLongitude -Description -GPSimgDirectionsRef -GPSImgDirection -Title C:\Users\Jenn\Desktop\geosetterTest\test > out.txt -common_args "C:\Users\Jenn\Desktop\geosetterTest\test\P1000507.JPG"



Error opening directory >
File not found: out.txt
    1 directories scanned
    3 image files read
    1 files could not be read

I want to do this in GeoSetter to simplify the workflow for (minimally trained) volunteers. I just started working on this, so I think I have the latest updates. Also, I'm not too familiar with this kind of program, so I might have the vocabulary a little bit wrong, and the 'error' might be telling me what to fix, but I just don't see it. Let me know if anything I said is unclear.

Anybody see any obvious ways to fix this? Or has anyone successfully used the "Additional ExifTool Command" setting?

Thanks for your time
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