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0000789GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2011-06-25 07:58
Reportergmgroeb Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.4.14 Release 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000789: BlueScreen writing data to CR2-files (Canon)
DescriptionI'm running GS 3.4.16 (2119) and EXIF-tool 8.53. As soon I want to write my changes to an image in CR2- / Canon-format, my system (W7 Pro SP1 32Bit) crashs with a bluescreen (BAD_POOL_HEADER). All other file formats (JPEG, DNG) can be updated without problems.
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2011-03-30 21:45

developer   ~0001533

are you familar with DOS commands? You could call the command which is used by GeoSetter on the command line, because I suppose that this is a bug from ExifTool.


2011-03-31 14:46

reporter   ~0001534

The only possible way I could see this being ExifTool's problem is if the installation was corrupted.

Try un-installing then re-installing exiftool. Be sure to erase the temporary files when un-installing. See the ExifTool installation documentation for details:

- Phil


2011-03-31 22:44

developer   ~0001536

I'm pry if a reinstallation will help.

But you are right, if ExifTool would have a generally problem with CR2 files, you would have read something about this in the ExifTool forum.


2011-04-24 02:14

administrator   ~0001556

Does this problem still exist?


2011-06-22 01:24

reporter   ~0001611

I face the same issue after updating to the new versions (GS 3.4.16 and in my case Exiftool 8.59). I some cases a single write operation succeeds, in some not. When trying for a selection of several images saving data will for sure lead to a bluescreen. I have deinstalled Geosetter and Exiftool (following the instructions from boardhead. No difference.

Any more ideas? Was the problem solved for gmgroeb finally (feedback was still outstanding)?
// Stefan


2011-06-22 07:49

reporter   ~0001612

I haven't followed up the issue with CR2-files because I convert them to DNGs anyway and writing to DNGs runs perfectly. Therefore I tag the DNGs and not the CR2s.


2011-06-23 00:26

reporter   ~0001613

I reinstalled a former version of Geosetter (3.3.60) with Exiftool (8.26) which work perfectly OK. I will continue working with the old versions for the time being and check again with later updates when getting available, if nobody has any useable idea on fixing the problem with the new versions.

// Stefan


2011-06-23 00:33

developer   ~0001614

hi stefan,

please update ExifTool with the old version of GeoSetter. If you still have no problems it's a bug of GeoSetter. If you have problems with the updated version of ExifTool the problem should be searched by ExifTool.

I think this test would help Friedemann or Phil to fix this problem


2011-06-23 02:21

reporter   ~0001615

Hi Heiko,
I checked with Geosetter 3.3.60 and Exiftool 8.59, and it worked well. Seems that the new version of GeoSetter causes the Bluescreens.


2011-06-23 15:13

developer   ~0001616

hi Stefan,

thanks for this test. It seams that you have to wait until Friedemann will have a look on this problem


2011-06-23 15:29

reporter   ~0001617

Last edited: 2011-06-23 15:40


I have 100 % the same problem with the blue screen.
Now I have uninstalled geosetter 3.4.16. and installed exiftool 8.2 and an older verison of geosetter, however still blue screen.
Is there something what I have to delete?

Can anybody tell me where I can delet the exiftool in windows?
Sorry, I can not find the file for it.


2011-06-23 22:08

developer   ~0001618

ExifTool is located in the following directory: <AppData>\GeoSetter\Tools

On a Win 7 System <AppData> is C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming


2011-06-24 18:27

reporter   ~0001620

Last edited: 2011-06-24 18:28

Hi Heiko,
thanks for the hint. Perfect.

Sorry, on more question.
Do you know the location where I can download, i.e. older version of geosetter
(3.4.12) and / or the exif tool.
Phil Harvey ExifTool has one link for history to download 8.5. however not what I normally get and on top a strange file format.
Then I can go on to fix my holiday pictures with GPS.
Thks & rgds


2011-06-24 23:09

developer   ~0001621

I'm sorry, but I don't know any links where you can download older versions of GeoSetter. I only know the link to the latest beta version:


2011-06-25 07:37

reporter   ~0001623

Last edited: 2011-06-25 07:38

Hi all

FYI, I have uninstalled 3.4.16 Geosetter,
also removed ExifTool in (AppData as mentioned by Heiko above)
installed an older version of Geosetter -I found in one of my backups :-)- Version 3.3.60
made sure that I not installed a newer version of the ExifTool,
I double checked (AppaData) to keep 8.26
however I still have BLUE SCREEN.

PS: When I installed an older version, I imported the settings of the newer version. I do not know, if this has an effect on it.


2011-06-25 07:58

reporter   ~0001624

Last edited: 2011-06-25 07:59

I am again :)

as long as I am use JPEG files Geosetter works fine even with the older version.
I made the test just now with Sony RAW files and again BLUE SREEN even with the older version of geosetter 3.3.60.
In the past I had no problem to write GPS data into RAW file via XMP-Sidecards.
Last time I had a big job with no problems to write GPS into RAW/XMP was in May.

I hope the hint will help.

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