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0000701GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2011-01-04 16:29
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Summary0000701: Wrong speed from gpx-file
DescriptionI was using a gpx file generated with the Holux Logger Utility v1.1.0.48. The speed in the file is correct (0,30 km/h) but GeoSetter shows me a higher speed (1,08 km/h). In the GeoSetter setting I selected the metric measuring system.

<wpt lat="50.051521" lon="8.590771">
<name><![CDATA[Point 0]]></name>

After that I tried to generate a new gpx file with the tool NMEA to KMZ Ver 2.17. Now GeoSetter did not read any speed information. Here is the output:

    <wpt lon="8.590771" lat="50.051521">
        <name>Point 0</name>

Only after generating a nmea file with NMEA to KMZ Ver 2.17 the speed has been shown correct in GeoSetter.

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2011-01-04 16:21

reporter   ~0001376

I don't really think this is an issue.
Some applications incorrectly record the speed in "km per hour" and save in the GPX file.
The correct unit should be "meters per second" according to the official gpx schema (


Therefore, I don't think this is a bug of GeoSetter. It is a bug of the GPX generator.


2011-01-04 16:29

administrator   ~0001377

> Therefore, I don't think this is a bug of GeoSetter.
> It is a bug of the GPX generator.

You are right, thank you!

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