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0000660GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2011-12-10 07:29
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Summary0000660: download country and city from geonames for batch of files
DescriptionIs it possible to download from web (geonames) for a batch of files the location info (country, province, city, sublocation) , given the geo-coordinates of these files?
I would also like to know whetherit is possible to download only (for example) country and city (and not province and sublocation)?
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2011-12-10 07:29

reporter   ~0001693

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Does this mean: Select many files in the left pane and then press a button which updates the city/state/loc/sub-loc for all those images?

That's something I'd like to see too. Maybe an option which makes it possible to switch between "always select the closest location" or "prompt the user when multiple positions are available".

I just discovered that Geosetter can do city/state/loc/sub-loc but doing one image at the time for my 7000 meticulously tagged images is far to cumbersome!

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