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0000646GeoSetterImage Datapublic2011-09-18 14:22
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Summary0000646: Canon RAW mode CR2 files
DescriptionI have been using RAW mode mainly with my Canon camera for the last few months.

I use Geosetter to add the Lat/Long to these CR2 files as well as the associated JPG. The Lat/Long can been seen in the appropriate column when I examine the files in Geosetter but it is not seen when I view the file information with Irfanview.

When I edit the files in PICASA and upload the files as JPG to the PICSA website then the positions are not shown. I looked at some of the JPGs produced by PICASA and there is no Lat/Long in the EXIF.

Are RAW CR2 files compatible with Geocoding or is this a PICASA problem?

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2011-09-18 14:22

reporter   ~0001674

I edited my images with PICASA and export to a folder as JPGs. As noted the positions are lost in conversion from .CR2 RAW files.

If I try running GEOSETTER on the exported JPG files then it fails, I get the message.

C:\Users\....\AppData\Roaming\GeoSetter\tools\exiftool.exe -@ "C:\Users\....\AppData\Local\Temp\et00A0A69D.arg" -common_args "C:\Users\.... 3017.jpg"


Error: Error reading StripOffsets data in IFD0 - C:/Users/... 3017.jpg
Error: Error reading StripOffsets data in IFD0 - C:/Users/... 3017.jpg


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