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0000640GeoSetterImage Datapublic2011-04-05 18:43
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Summary0000640: Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS3/ Elements and Lightroom 2.7 all see my pictures with wrong color!
DescriptionI ran your program against several thousand pictures from a couple trips we took this summer. The pictures are Sony ARW files creating using a Sony A700 camera. Before geotagging them, the pictures looked perfect in all my Adobe applications. Now, every picture that was geotagged has very strong color casting (usually blue) and the histogram for the pictures shows this as well. Oddly, the images look fine in corel photo paint, neat image, Google Picasa and even Windows explorer. I have looked at the EXIF data on several files and it looks fine - no evidence of corruption. I am very confused about what is going on here. Can you help? THANKS
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2011-03-22 15:12

reporter   ~0001528

I have experienced the same problem using Geosetter 3.4.16 Lightroom 3 with Sony a900 raw files. In my case the cast is usually a pinkish colour with a very reduced contrast.


2011-04-05 18:43

reporter   ~0001543

This is a known problem with the Adobe utilities that should be fixed in recent versions. To quote the ExifTool home page:

"There is a bug in a number of Adobe utilities which causes some edited Sony ARW images to be displayed with the wrong tone curve. This problem has been observed in Photoshop CS4 Camera Raw 5.6, DNG Converter 5.6 and Lightroom 2.6 with ARW images from the A500, A550, A700, A850 and A900. Other software such as the Sony IDC utility, Apple RAW utilities, dcraw and Capture One have no problems with edited images. [This bug is fixed in Camera Raw 6.3 and LR 3.3]"

- Phil

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