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0000620GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-07-28 16:22
ReporterRobert Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.60 Release 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000620: Error messages during Save
DescriptionUpgraded from 3.1.20 to 3.3.60 and processed the exact same files again with the new version that had processed without error on the old version. On the new version, the same files caused errors indicating that the new data had not been written but in fact it appears to be saved correctly.
The directory contains .jpg and .dng files generated by a Canon SD790 IS using the CHDK firmware.

The error message says:

"ExifTool reported errors/warnings on 24 of 24 images.
If a file is marked with an error, it's changes haven't been written.
Warning: [minor] Incorrect list type for XMP-dc:Creator - [directory and filename]"

Do I ignore the error?
Do I turn on the 'ignore minor errors' flag?
Do I revert back to the the version that did not cause the error message?
Or is this a problem that needs to be fixed?

Thank you.
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related to 0000606 resolvedFriedemann Lightroom-Stichworthierarchien werden aufgebrochen 
related to 0000607 resolvedFriedemann Exif Daten gehen teilweise verloren 



2010-07-28 16:01

reporter   ~0001206

If this is related to 606 and 607 (which are not in English) and they are resolved, could you let me know what the resolution was or how I might translate the resolution?

Thank you.


2010-07-28 16:12

administrator   ~0001207

First of all, you do not get an erreor message, you get a warning, don't you?

> Do I turn on the 'ignore minor errors' flag?

As you get "only" a warning, this flag will not help.

Please see here:

> After saving of creator data (Byline name in GeoSetter),
> maybe Adobe software did not recognize some meta data
> anymore (including development settings in Lightroom)
> after initially saving the creator with Lightroom 3
> in a wrong way. An updated version of ExifTool (8.26)
> recognizes this problem now and creates a warning (many
> thanks to Phil Harvey!).

You handled your images with Adobe Lightroom 3 first, didn't you? It contains a bug which results in an incorrect written Creator in the metadata (list type "bag" instead of "seq"). That's why ExifTool (>= 8.26) now gives a warning. In prior versions of ExifTool, the Creator has been added again in the correct way. But the the Creator existed twice then in the XMP data and Lighroom didn't recognize nearly all metadata anymore after importing it again...

In short: You can ignore this warning ;-) Your image data still contains the wrong metadata (written by Lightroom 3), but it doesn't contain the data twice anymore after saving with ExifTool 8.26 (GeoSetter 3.3.60).

As far as I know this problem will be solved in the next update of Lightroom 3...


2010-07-28 16:21

administrator   ~0001208

One more remark: If you used GeoSetter 3.1.20 together with Lightroom 3, after reimporting the metadata to LR 3 maybe your development settings of the images have been reset. Please check this! The deveopment settings still exist in the development protocol and you have to go one step back for each image...

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