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0000596GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-07-12 00:07
ReporterNevP Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Summary0000596: Request - Time adjustment when synchronizing with GPS data.
DescriptionCurrently when synchronizing images with GPS data, any images which do not correspond to any of the GPS track specified are left completely unedited.

It would be useful to have an option whereby any of the "Time Adjustment" or "Additional Time Adjustment" settings are applied to the selected images even when their location information is not updated.

The specific problem I have with the current situation:
I select multiple images and assign "Time Adjustment" parameters when syncronizing with GPS data.
Some images correspond with the GPS track and some do not. This results in the time info being shifted for some images but not for others.
Now when I sort the images by time they are out of sequence.
I now need to edit the times of the unedited images individually, which can be time consuming.
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