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0000559GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-11-11 07:01
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Summary0000559: Location Data has changed
DescriptionWhen assigning location data to images, Geosetter brings up a 'Select Location Data' box.
The bottom three items are State/Province (this used to show the County), City (used to show the City) and Sublocation (used to show a sublocation).
Using a location in Leicester City Centre as an example, Now State/Province shows England, City shows Abbey, and sublocation shows Leicester.
Whilst the old way wasn't perfect (in terms of Sublocation) at least it was accurate.
England is not a State/Province, Abbey is not a City and Leicester is not a sublocation.
Can we either have things back the way they were, or provide a way of us selecting which items in geonames we assign to each field. Personally I would prefer State/Province to be County, City to be City and Sublocation to be Street Name, but I'm sure that other people use them in different ways.
Additional InformationThings are slightly better outside major towns/cities, in that you do get the village name under City, which is how it used to be.
Also, this only seems to apply the England (or perhaps UK generally, I haven't checked completely). The rest of Europe (at least), seems to be as it used to be
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2010-05-19 06:27

reporter   ~0001109

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If this problem is addressed, maybe it would be a good opportunity to address the 'Country' issue too. I have always assumed that 'GBR United Kingdom' was the best that could be achieved, but it has always irked me a bit that neither 'Great Britain' (the implication of GBR) nor 'United Kingdon' are countries.
A bit of digging shows that there are Country Codes beginning with 'X' that do the job nicely, e.g. 'XEN' translates as 'England' which is not only more accurate but is actually a Country!
Any way that we can implement all this please!
Thanks for you patience

With further use it does seem that what I said under 'Additional Information' is rarely true. Village names normally now appear under Sublocation, where they used to appear under City. An additional layer of data seems to have gone in (which seems pretty meaningless - maybe it's a 'ward' or 'parish' name) which has pushed everything else down one layer.


2010-11-09 05:46

reporter   ~0001341

As nothing seems to be happening with this (which makes GeoSetter much less useful than previously) can I make some further observations.
I'm guessing that the problem lies in the fact that Geonames has more location types/fields than is allowed for in the JPEG info and that GeoSetter has to select just a few of them.
Would a solution be to let the user choose which GeoName type/field is read into which GeoSetter field?
Hope this helps and prompts a solution to this issue

[ shows that there are 5 different ADM fields; we need to be able to choose which ones to use. GeoSetter currently does this for us, incorrectly in my opinion]


2010-11-09 23:36

administrator   ~0001348

I will rebuild the whole stuff regarding the location online service from scratch. I will include other services and I will make it more configurable. But this will take some time. I didn't start by now because of other important issues ;-) I hope I will find the time in the next months...


2010-11-11 07:01

reporter   ~0001350

Great! Thanks very much. I realise that there are other issues and look forward to seeing what you come up with. Thanks again

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