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0000531GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-04-04 19:13
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Summary0000531: Copy and paste data
DescriptionI have two copies of my images. One in an [Originals] folder and one in a Geotagged folder. I like to keep a copy of my images unedited.

I noticed I had accidently geotagged the [Originals] so I did a copy and paste of the data. I used the toolbar buttons to perform the action.

When I checked the images in the Geotagged folder, 3 of 7 images had the Destination Coordinates set too short of their actual location. The Image Direction was correct. When I attempted to lengthen the distance to the correct Destination, I did not see the Destination Cooridinates change. I also noticed the direction was locked. I unlocked the Image Direction and moved the Destination and saw the Destination Coordinates change.
Additional InformationI attempted to repeat the process by copying one image and pasting the data. I could not repeat the Destination Coordinates getting set incorrectly on the first attempt. On the second attempt, it appeared to double the distance to the Destination Coordinates. On the third attempt it copyied correctly.

Let me clearify, I mean the Destination Coordinats as where the magenta marker is locaed on the map. I have not verified if the actual Coordinates are where the marker is shown.
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