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0000052GeoSetterImage Datapublic2007-12-21 06:14
Reporterkuntaldaftary Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version2.2.1 release 
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Summary0000052: Unchanged Date/Time written to image and some GPS not being written to XMP
DescriptionHere is the exiftool CLI being used to write information:

ExifTool.exe -P -m -L -EXIF:DateTimeOriginal="2002:07:03 21:13:34-07:00" -GPS:GPSSatellites="0" -GPS:GPSLatitude=37.36022951 -GPS:GPSLongitude=-121.96014315 -GPS:GPSLatitudeRef="N" -GPS:GPSLongitudeRef="W" -GPS:GPSMapDatum="WGS-84" -GPS:GPSDateStamp="2002:07:03" -GPS:GPSTimeStamp="14:13:34" -GPS:GPSAltitude="17.0" -GPS:GPSAltitudeRef="Above Sea Level" -XMP:GPSLatitude=37.36022951 -XMP:GPSLongitude=-121.96014315 -XMP:GPSDateTime="2002:07:03 14:13:34+00:00" -XMP:GPSAltitude="17.0" -XMP:GPSAltitudeRef="Above Sea Level" -XMP:CountryCode="USA" -XMP:Country="United States of America" -XMP:State="California" -XMP:City="Santa Clara" -XMP:Location="2200 Monroe Street" -XMP:Subject+="geo:lat=37.36022951" -XMP:Subject+="geo:lon=-121.96014315" -XMP:Subject+="geotagged" -IPTC:Country-PrimaryLocationCode="USA" -IPTC:Country-PrimaryLocationName="United States of America" -IPTC:Province-State="California" -IPTC:City="Santa Clara" -IPTC:Sub-Location="2200 Monroe Street" -IPTC:Keywords+="geo:lat=37.36022951" -IPTC:Keywords+="geo:lon=-121.96014315" -IPTC:Keywords+="geotagged" file.jpg

It overwrites the exif date and time (-EXIF:DateTimeOriginal="2002:07:03 21:13:34-07:00") although I havent changed it. Granted this does not cause an issue since it is writing out the same value back.

Also GPSSatellites, GPSVersionID and GPSMapDatum are not being written to the XMP fields, rather they are written only in EXIF fields. I believe the older version of Geosetter used to write them to XMP also.
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2007-12-20 23:26

administrator   ~0000105

I think in your original image there existed already XMP:DateTimeOriginal which had another value than EXIF:DateTimeOriginal, perhaps regarding the time zone. To keep all data (XMP/EXIF) synchronized, the EXIF date time value has been updated when saving too.

As far as I know, GPSSatellites and GPSMapDatum is mandatory when saving it to the EXIF data ( I read this in the documentation of ExifTool). But it isn't mandatory for the XMP data, so it won't be saved.


2007-12-21 06:01

reporter   ~0000110

You are probably right about the DateTimeOriginal explanation. I can confirm that the XMP values do have a timezone field which the Exif versions dont in my photographs. So that would validate your explanation. Sounds good.

About the Satellites and MapDatum - I can always go ahead and just stick them in the "Commands after exiftool" part of the settings - I just like to keep them synced with the GPS values.

I suppose we can consider this issue closed also.


2007-12-21 06:14

administrator   ~0000112

Fine :-)

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