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0000437GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-02-07 23:43
Reporterber0517 Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.0 release 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.3.3 beta 
Summary0000437: GPS Date and Time does not update
DescriptionActually this is for version 3.3.1 (not sure when the change occured)

The first time GeoSetter sets the GPS date/time it becomes fixed. If you correct a location and it changes a timezone or if the date taken date/time is changed, the GPS date and time is not updated.
Additional InformationPeriodically images are first tagged with either bad date/time taken and/or GPS location. I process untagged digital photo images (including people who do not set their camera clocks properly) AND scanned images from older photographs (here the tracking of the location and date/time taken can change as new data is obtained).

Although it would be great to have the capability to force a resyncronization of the GPS date and time to the revised GPS location and date taken information, my work around has been to change the GPS location to a different and incorrect time zone, save the data, and then change it to the correct location and time zone. This used to force the program to recalculate the GPS date/time and things would be great. At some point in the recent past, this recalculation stopped working.
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parent of 0000442 resolvedFriedemann Add search/filter option for comparing dates to each other (gps date, taken date, file date etc.) 
related to 0000297 resolvedFriedemann GPS-Zeit Eingabe im "Daten bearbeiten" Dialog 


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administrator   ~0000908

I don't want to adjust the GPS date automatically if it contains a value already. But I just build in a new option in Images menu to set the GPS date for all selected images to the taken date (considering the time zone). I also adjusted the search (and filter). So you can select now all images where GPS date <> taken date by using the search functionalety. If you need this often, you can save the search as a template. Please see attached screenshots.


2010-02-07 23:37

administrator   ~0000913

Please see beta version 3.3.3:

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