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0000433GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-02-07 16:27
ReporterDaveL Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.3.1 release 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000433: GPX Track has repeating time stamp for each unique log entry
DescriptionAfter loading the GPX file, the times listed in the Tracks window appear to be all the same. When I open the GPX with notepad, I see unique times for each point. Obviously, I cannot tag my photos with geo data since the times never match. I am using 3.3.1. I have attached my gpx file.
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2010-02-05 22:07

reporter   ~0000891

Disregard the *.txt file. The original GPX was too large to upload. I truncated it with Notepad and saved the wrong extension by accident.

2010-02-05 22:18


10012100-shortened v1.gpx (1,387,523 bytes)


2010-02-05 22:19

reporter   ~0000892

Dang it... also disregard the * v0.gpx file. I deleted a ending tag by accident. The *v1.gpx file does read into GeoSetter.


2010-02-06 18:03

administrator   ~0000896

With which software did you create the GPX file? In my opinion something like "<time>2010-01-21_121:05:36</time>" is not a valid time stamp. It has to be "<time>2010-01-21T12:05:36Z</time>" instead. Does 121:05:36 mean 12:05:36?


2010-02-07 15:56

reporter   ~0000907

That is what I thought may be happening, but was not sure since I didn't know what a correctly formed gpx looked like. The program used to create this GPX is the software that came with the logger, TimeAlbum. It can be found at Poor software for sure.

The native output for the logger is CSV. Issue 434 is the native CSV file that corresponds to the GPX on the this issue report. I re-tried the GPSVisualizer site to convert the file. The file is now good and your software is working great. Close this issue.

P.S. I see you have assigned 434 to yourself. It would be great to gps stamp my files in one step, but this workable now. Thanks for the GREAT software and your time.

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