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Summary0000432: Add timezone to rename function

I hope I do not disgrace myself again and missed this already included feature again. ;-)

Would it be possible to add the timezone to the rename function?

All my images from abroad have UTC time and because of this the filenames are in UTC as well. So it would be nice to include this timezone in a way like 20100205_212223_UTC+2.JPG.

Best regards
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2011-08-03 11:32

reporter   ~0001649

Hi again,

It would also be nice to add (calculate) the timezone time to the time when the images are taken.
e.g. if we take the example from above:

20100205_212223.JPG Timezone is maybe 4 then the result could be


The advantage is, that images are not mixed up in a folder if you have images with different timezones but also see the original time.

One question regarding the information of the time zone drop down menu:
Is there any place (EXIF, IPTC, ...) where this information (e.g. UTC+2) is stored?



2011-08-03 11:39

reporter   ~0001650

Maybe the syntax could be changed this way:

so the syntax for the example above would be:
where TZ is the Timezone, which can be added or subtracted from the token.

Just an idea.


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