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0000408GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2010-01-30 12:11
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Product Version3.2.20 beta 
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Summary0000408: add G_AERIAL_MAP and G_AERIAL_HYBRID_MAP map type
DescriptionThis maps gives a side view of the cities. Moreover It allows to rotate the view. Very good for marker positioning. It does not exist every where but where it exists it is great.

You have a geosetter map example at

for this to work you need to replace

 var extLargeMapControl = new ExtLargeMapControl();


 map.addControl(new GLargeMapControl3D ());

controls look the same, but the one provided by google allow to rotate the view.

in my example just for testing purpose I added

map.enableRotation(); which basically transforms all sattelite views in aerial view at a certain zoom level .
however this is not the best approchas we loose the vertical view.

you may see an example of such a view with this map at the following coordinates:
37,339085; -121,891481
zoom on the city at a sufficent level to see the effect. you can target the airport if you wish.
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