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0000353GeoSetterImage Datapublic2010-01-10 21:30
Reporterjameshead Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.2.0 release 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.2.5 release 
Summary0000353: Sony RAW files .arw no longer supported
DescriptionI just updated today to the new version of Geosetter 3.2.0 from 2.5.1.

With Geosetter version 2.5.1 I could copy the Sony RAW files (extension .arw) straight to my hard disk, open Geosetter, start assigning positions, then when I pressed the save button in Geosetter then Geosetter would save the geotagged position in the .xmp side car file which would be created automatically at that time.

The new version however seems to have a bug in that when you assign positions to Sony RAW files then press the SAVE button you get an error dialogue saying that "writing of arw files is not supported in this version" and the location information remains red for un-saved.

When I reopened Geosetter I found that there was geotagged information in these files though.
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2010-01-06 17:54



2010-01-06 17:55

administrator   ~0000740

Which settings do you have for ARW files? Please see attached screenshot. With these settings it works for me.


2010-01-06 17:57

administrator   ~0000741

Excuse me, seems I didn't read all ;-)

> When I reopened Geosetter I found that there was geotagged
> information in these files though.

that means an XMP file has been written? All the data has been written, but you get an error message? I can't reproduce this by now...


2010-01-07 14:48

reporter   ~0000742

Same problem for me. When I ignored the error message the data is really written to all the pictures and works in Google Earth. So that’s not a problem. But why this error message?!


2010-01-07 23:07

administrator   ~0000744

Which file types does the folder contain? Only ARW files or also JPEGs for example?


2010-01-08 16:26

reporter   ~0000748

Both. Also in combinated situation as only ARW.

2010-01-10 01:23


Image1.jpg (78,121 bytes)
Image1.jpg (78,121 bytes)


2010-01-10 01:28

reporter   ~0000757

The problem occurs if RAW files are in a folder on their own, and if they are in a folder with jpeg files.

The problem only started to occur after upgrading to v 3.2.0 of Geosetter. It did not occur on version 2.5.1. Today I updated to version 3.2.3 of Geosetter and the problem sill occurs.

I have uploaded a picture of the error screen as "Image1.jpg".

I am using the default settings for Sony ARW files. I have uploaded my settings as "James's_settings.jpg".

2010-01-10 01:28


james\'s_settings.jpg (79,921 bytes)
james\'s_settings.jpg (79,921 bytes)


2010-01-10 02:43

administrator   ~0000759

But in "James's_settings.jpg" I see the option "Update existing data in images" enabled. That will perhaps force to write into the image itself. Please disable this option. Do you still have the same problem then? By the way, please notice that direct saving to ARW files is supported now by ExifTool 8.0.4. So you won't get an error message anymore when using this version of ExifTool. At "Images | Show Save Report..." you can see, shich commands GeoSetter has used for ExifTool...


2010-01-10 11:03

reporter   ~0000760

Hi Freidemann,
Thanks for the reply.
I found that either changing the version of Exif tool that was provided in Geosetter for the current version, or disabling "update existing data in images" worked and stopped the error message from appearing.

I am a little confused about this though as I was under the impression that the only thing that Geosetter did was to write the geotagging information in the .xmp side car file, and that it does not alter the original .arw raw image file at all.

I thought Geosetter came with the current up-to-date version of Exiftool as well, so I assumed that the exiftool installed in the geosetter folder was up to date, and that the "default" settings for Sony ARW files that I was using would be the standard settings that would have been tested and found working.

If I use the new version of Exiftool and keep the original geosetter settings then I - of course - end up with very large .original_arw backup files that isn't desirable so I will probably turn off the "update existing data in images"! When you turn off the option "update existing data in images" you get a warning dialogue that the changes being made in the .xmp file now, instead of the original file, might not be recognised by some programs. Can you be more specific please? Can you tell me what settings Geosetter/Exif tool are trying to make to the .ARW file?

Then I can check these with the software I use: Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge, and Flickr.

Many thanks. Regards, James.


2010-01-10 21:28

administrator   ~0000765

I have to apologize: The behaviour in GeoSetter >= 3.2 was in fact different to prior versions and I didn't want this behaviour. It shouldn't be necessary to disable the option "Update existing data in images" as I posted above. It rather is recommended to leave this option enabled. But then, you are right, the current version (3.2 up to 3.2.3) does write to the RAW files regardless if they contain already data or not. Normally, coming from the camera, they do not contain XMP nor IPTC data.

I've changed this behaviour now again and it should be as it was prior 3.2 now: Saving data to RAW files with the opions enabled "Save data in XMP sidecar files" AND "Update existing data in images" will NOT touch the RAW file itself anymore (if it doesn't contain XMP data already). Please see screenshot geosetter_raw_sidecar_settings.jpg and geosetter_raw_sidecar_after_save.jpg.

2010-01-10 21:28


2010-01-10 21:28



2010-01-10 21:29

administrator   ~0000766

Please note: The fixed behaviour will be available in 3.2.5

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