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0002528GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-05-14 13:20
Reportercristian Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version4.0.49 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002528: google map satellite photo
Descriptionhello you can no longer see the google satellite map. this error always comes. can you help me to solve the problem

best regards

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2023-05-13 20:47


geosetter.bmp (2,808,418 bytes)


2023-05-13 22:07

reporter   ~0004759

@cristian are you sure, you have GeoSetter 4.0.49 (Build 2233 - beta) installed? This message came up in a much older version months ago. In my PC the version of GeoSetter shows on the upper left of the window, but it is not visible on you screenshot, probably indicating you are you using a much older beta version.
In any case for me the google satellite map works since several months.


2023-05-13 22:35

reporter   ~0004760

Can you tell me where I can get the latest version of the program


2023-05-14 00:11

reporter   ~0004761

Settings -> Auto Check for Updates -> Check also for New Beta Versions.


2023-05-14 09:08

reporter   ~0004762

@cristian I saw at least one report here, that " Auto Check for Updates" would not work (it did work for me thought), but you can also download the latest version directly from meanwhile 4.0.49 (Build 2233 - beta) is available since several weeks (months?).

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