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0002519GeoSetterImage Datapublic2024-02-13 13:21
ReporterTak Assigned To 
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PlatformWindows PCOSWindows 11OS Version11 latest patch
Product Version4.0.49 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002519: GS 4.0.49 forgets to fetch date/time from EXIFTool for CR3 image
DescriptionCR3 files out of Canon R6 do not have date/time in GeoSetter 4.0.49. So, GS fails to match with GPX data set.
Steps To ReproduceGet CR3 image data from Canon R6.
Place in any folder.
Open the folder by GeoStter 4.0.49.
Additional InformationAssociate to the date/time fetch error, GS fails to get Aperture and Shatter speed data. ISO and Focal Length are OK.
Tags4.0.49, CR3, exif



2023-04-16 06:20

reporter   ~0004745

Adding image file.

2023-04-16_130859.jpg (286,826 bytes)


2023-04-17 00:02

reporter   ~0004746

The problem "Filename encoding not specified" is due to the fact that an instruction like "-charset filename=latin" is missing.
I have already asked to be able to add instructions when reading exiftool tags (see 2509)


2023-04-17 00:17

reporter   ~0004747

but, I think "-charset filename=latin" will not resolve the situation, because the target filename is already in Latin, and, CR2 files (in Latin) does not have the problem.


2023-04-17 00:20

reporter   ~0004748

@TaK: Either the file name or the path contains accented characters: the problem does not come from GeoSetter but from Exiftool which is used be GeoSetter to retrieve the metadata


2023-04-17 00:24

reporter   ~0004749

Test the following line with and without "-charset filename=latin"

exiftool -a -G1 -s -charset filename=latin "FullPathFile"


2023-04-17 00:47

reporter   ~0004750

>Either the file name or the path contains accented characters:

Aha! I used Kanji (one of UTF-8 character set) for the path.
So, I tested moving the file in a folder in English, BUT, it did not work!
See the attached picture. The EXIFTool error is gone! However, the captioned problem persists.
So, my problem differs from your problem.

(Also, CR2 files and JPG files are OK even if in a Kanji name folder. And Aperture or Focal Length data is retrieved
even if CR3 files. Those facts demonstrate that file/folder name is not the cause in my case.)

2023-04-17_073000.jpg (163,122 bytes)
2023-04-17_073000.jpg (163,122 bytes)


2023-04-17 00:50

reporter   ~0004751

My intervention is only for the Warning message of the Exiftool tool not for the other errors. Sorry


2023-08-26 16:43

reporter   ~0004797

I have the exact same problem:
In all CR3 Pictures (from R6, new firmware) there is no date displayed (so I can not match with GPS logfile).
Other programs (like XnView) display the date of CR3 correct.
In the corresponding JPG-files are all data correct.
It makes my process VERY complicated if I want to have GPS-Data also in my CR3-files (resp. XML sidecar-files)!
Is there a solution?!


2023-08-29 16:39

reporter   ~0004798

@Erik: Could the software "" be useful to you?


2024-02-13 13:21

reporter   ~0004825

> "" be useful to you?

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