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0002489GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-24 17:17
Reporterwim_van Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version4.0.47 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.0.48 beta 
Summary0002489: I proposed helping translating into Dutch in 0002485 but I miss a PO-file
DescriptionI proposed in 0002485 helping translating into Dutch.
I got a possitive answer and a mail. But, hte PO-file, which I need was not attached into that mail. Can some-one send me the needed file ?
I already replied on the mail I got, where the PO-file is missing but still no answer on that.
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2023-02-18 12:41

reporter   ~0004621

You don't have to wait for the .po file. The boss would certainly send you a completely clean version with the English or German original, in which not a single word will be translated into your language yet. You'd better do it so that you don't have to translate all the entries again.

Go to the GeoSetter\locale\nl\LC_MESSAGES\ directory and convert it to a .po file on this page Do the same with the German version of GeoSetter\locale\de\LC_MESSAGES\ Then you need a text editor and copy the missing phrases from the German version into the Dutch version. It is better to use the original German .mo file, as the English version may not contain all the phrases. There will certainly be a lot of them and you will kill a lot of time in the process.

When finished, open the .po file in Poedit. From there, translate everything you need into your language. Poedit will also automatically create a .po file when you save the file (if it doesn't, check your settings), which you copy to a designated location in GS and can test the translation on the fly. Attach the final translation here or email it to Friedemann.

I can attach the original .po file here, but I prefer to do it the way I wrote it. If you have any questions, please write here. But I'm not here non-stop.


2023-02-18 12:45

reporter   ~0004622

Be careful because the PO obtained in this way does not have the relations with the Friedemann program.
It is not the same file that Friedemann had to provide you. He is very busy with work this week I believe.


2023-02-18 13:06

reporter   ~0004623

I don't think there would be any problem with that. He has notes in his original file, but they are irrelevant. However, the manager needs to be sent the file format (i.e. .po file). That's how you required it from me.


2023-02-19 22:58

developer   ~0004629

Friedemann has a lot of stress at work right now! But I just wrote him anyway that the .PO file is missing.

I'm sure that he will send the file as soon as he has time for it.


2023-02-19 23:07

developer   ~0004631

@wim_van: you should have received am mail from Friedemann with the missing .PO file.

Can I close this issue and 2485?


2023-02-20 01:40

reporter   ~0004633

@Friedemann: everyone understands that you have other emergencies
and we can wait for you to fix the little problems we have.
You are doing a marvelous job.
Thank you very much from all of us.


2023-02-24 07:16

reporter   ~0004636

Thanks for the info.
I already received the needed file.
Translations has been made.
Any way, I respect all the wrok everyone is doing here and surely Friedemann himself.
This issue may be closed.
0002485 may be closed too.

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