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0002480GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-10 09:37
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Product Version4.0.41 beta 
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Summary0002480: Refresh files results in track files being "undisplayed"
DescriptionWhen pressing "refresh files" the displayed track files become unchecked and undisplayed.
Also, after refresh the image display is restarted on the first image, possibly very far from the image one was working on.
Not too serious, but causes some confusion and unnecessary time waste... (provided such thing as a "necessary time waste" does exist... :)
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2023-02-09 16:43

reporter   ~0004563

In my environment, the selected photo is always selected after an F5 (but it is centered in the window)!!!


2023-02-09 18:22

reporter   ~0004564

@zava I just tried it (it flat mode):
- if there are more than one tracks in the folder and you press F5, the first track is selected. If you did select another one before, it is unchecked. This is same behavior when you start GeoSetter on a folder with multiple tracks.
- if there is only one track in the folder, it is briefly unselected, but immediately selected again.
Another "trap" with F5: Changes you might have made and not saved, are discarded. This happened to me a couple of times, when I moved the GPX to the folder only after starting GeoSetter and was wondering why it couldn't synchronize. After pressing F5, I could synchronize, but some changes were gone ...


2023-02-10 00:05

reporter   ~0004566

You say "Select" but if its box is not "Checked", the trip does not appear.

In my opinion there is a difference between being selected" and "Checked".

Do you have more details?


2023-02-10 08:48

reporter   ~0004567

@xyzzy I did mean "Checked". For my, after starting GeoSetter or refreshing there is always the first track checked. Not sure, if it is the oldest or just the first in alphabetical sequence.


2023-02-10 09:37

reporter   ~0004568

@xyzzy when I said the "first" track is checked, it actually means the first in alphabetical sequence at the time, you press F5. In my case, this is always the oldest (named yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm ... ) so to understand it better, I did rename the newest before pressing F5 to "2023-02-00_16-36 ...". After pressing F5 the renamed track is checked (and the original name still appears in the list as "not loaded").

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