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0002471GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-05-19 10:20
ReporterThunderBoy Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.0.41 beta 
Summary0002471: Dark Theme
DescriptionIn basic loading of file contents, e.g. files in a directory, the font text is black. When the basic data is loaded, the text is already white. You can see this nicely when a large number of files are loaded via Flat Mode. On a dark background this black text is thus unreadable.

PS: I also found other problems but I found that I have to create a completely new setup of the program, because on a clean install these other problems work.
Steps To ReproduceSelects a dark theme + Selecting any directory and activating Flat mode
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2023-02-03 11:04


Darktheme.jpg (111,800 bytes)
Darktheme.jpg (111,800 bytes)


2023-02-03 12:00

reporter   ~0004516

I did find one problem even on a clean install. I always have this problem even on my saved window layout. I thought the bug was only in my save layout. The problem occurs when the layout is changed or refreshed when the dark theme is turned on. The bar with the columns behind turns white and the text is invisible. The problem remains until the program is exited. The next time the program is started it is ok. But unless you do the same thing I write above again.

the-bar-with-columns.jpg (131,200 bytes)
the-bar-with-columns.jpg (131,200 bytes)


2023-02-03 16:55

reporter   ~0004519

Also when changing the photo data, this text in the Exif section is also black on a dark background "The image has been changed with GeoSetter. You see the original values here only!"


2023-02-03 17:16

reporter   ~0004520

And now the other way around. Even when editing the file name by slow double-clicking on the file name, the text is white on a white background. This is when no text is selected and the cursor clicks on the text. I don't mean using the F2 key. Clarification: this text is normally white and when editing the file name a white background appears, so when no selection is made this text is invisible.


2023-02-04 13:40

administrator   ~0004525

Unfortunately I do not get the problem fixed that some controls look not ok directly after switching between dark and light view mode. But I don't think you do that very often either.
The other problem should be fixed now (renaming, status of flat search).


2023-05-19 10:20

reporter   ~0004767

There is still a problem with the text "The image has been changed with GeoSetter. You see the original values here only!" Also it is black on a dark background, so invisible.

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