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0002452GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2023-02-02 20:15
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Summary0002452: Remove geo data from selected images + Remove GPS coordinates
DescriptionWhile translating the program I found this sentence: Remove geo data from selected images. I searched, but nowhere in the program, in the menu or in the context menu for photos with GPS is this option available. I think I searched well. I was intrigued because I use an external program just to remove the GPS coordinates themselves.

When I open the photo and put edit data, there is a similar option. I haven't tried exactly how it works. Apparently it completely removes all location data. However, I'm only interested in removing the coordinates, nothing more.

It would be ideal to have this option available in the photo thumbnails when I right-click on them. A new item in Menu > Edit > Remove geo data from selected images would be useful, or also for: Remove GPS coordinates only.

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2023-01-20 17:48

reporter   ~0004417

@ThunderBoy: is available. Right click on thumbnail, then edit data. See screenshot.

Geodata.png (30,139 bytes)
Geodata.png (30,139 bytes)


2023-01-20 18:22

reporter   ~0004419

@roscoe Yes, that's what I wrote about. I don't want to unnecessarily open a photo when one could delete the coordinates in the file previews when right-clicking. I also don't need to delete all the saved location data, just the coordinates.


2023-01-21 17:09

reporter   ~0004425

Perhaps set up one or more personal shortcuts associated with an effective command on a selected image?
That way, everyone can program what they want to do quickly!


2023-02-02 20:15

reporter   ~0004511

@xyzzy I couldn't find anything in the shortcuts for this.

This could also be done with two help buttons "Remove all location data" and "Remove only the GPS coordinates", which could be added to a bar, e.g. above the map. I'm thinking of the bar where the maps are toggled. But it would be quite enough for me to add them to the right-click menu. There would then be no need to even open the photo. It would save me time. That second button would of course remove the altitude along with the GPS coordinates. Otherwise it wouldn't even make sense.

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