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0000024GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2007-12-11 11:02
Reporterkuntaldaftary Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version2.1.0 release 
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Summary0000024: "Internet Explorer Script Error" seen when starting Geosetter
DescriptionWhen starting geosetter 2.1.0 - an internet explorer script error is seen which was not observed with 2.0.7 or prior versions. Hitting "Yes" for "do you want to continue" seems to not cause any other major problems. However "Terrain" view of geosetter is not available with 2.1.0 as expected.

The view defaults to "Map" view instead of "Sat" view. 2.0.7 version defaulted to "Sat" view instead.


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2007-12-09 22:49

administrator   ~0000022

The map file has to be changed to in the settings dialog. Normally that had been done automatically.


2007-12-09 23:10

reporter   ~0000023

I encounter the very same error when launching GeoSetter


2007-12-09 23:19

administrator   ~0000024

That's strange... You don't see the terrain button? Can you please send me a screenshot of your map? You can attach it here...

Did you specify a specific faforite location which should be shown on the map initially? If so, please tell me the coordinates.


2007-12-10 08:31

reporter   ~0000026

After I change the URL to gmap21.html it works fine. I dont get any error on startup and I can also see the "Terrain" button.

Btw, I wasnt using a specific favorite location to show on map initially. I was using the default values. I think it had to do with gmap.html vs. gmap21.html.

For me, this issue can be considered resolved.

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