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0002368GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-11-16 18:52
Reporterroscoe Assigned Toheiko  
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Summary0002368: Geosetter Webpage offline??
DescriptionSince a few weeks the website is not reachable anymore. See screenshot. At the same time I noticed that the program takes a very long time to start.
Steps To ReproduceAlways reproducible
Tags"Web Page" "Starttime"



2022-11-15 08:48


Geosetter.jpg (114,321 bytes)
Geosetter.jpg (114,321 bytes)


2022-11-15 13:41

reporter   ~0004013

Strange enough that is still working, but I confirm does not, as I tested with Firefox and Chrome :(
If I understood correctly, the geosetter.exe application is also depending on the very same Web site, but until now, it works fine for me.


2022-11-16 18:27

developer   ~0004014

I just sent Friedemann a WhatsApp and hope he will take care of it soon.


2022-11-16 18:50

developer   ~0004015 is working again

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