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0000228GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2008-03-20 23:41
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Summary0000228: give the ability to edit exif iptc and xmp data independently
It would be nice if it was possible to edit exif, iptc or xmp data independently, rather applying changes that will be synchronized through all the different metadata.
the nice thing would be to have an option in the preference, that would prevent automatic synchronization between metadata, but activate the possibility to edit each of the metadata independently.
We could keep the same interface as now, but add 3 radio buttons: exif, iptc, xmp
when on of them is selected, only the fileds relevant to that metadata are available.
For example if you select exif. Then, in the "location" tab only the gps data are editable, whereas the "Country",... fields remain greyed out or are hidden.
if you select iptc, it is the opposit. If you select xmp then both are available because xmp have field for both.
Finally for each field that are redundant in any metadata, with the buton "..." we should be able to select to synchronise that field with any of the other metadata.
In the end this would allow us to better control our metadata.
For example if one want to keep iptc character coding as ansi for more compatibility, but wishes to make use of xmp utf8 ability, it will be possible.

It will also be possible to write long exhaustive comment in the xmp (that accept very long comments) and put a summary in the corresponding iptc or exif field, instead of having a truncated comment (since iptc do not allow for long comment)
Same issue with long keyword or structured keywords.

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