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0002111GeoSetterImage Datapublic2023-03-08 21:29
Reporterreno Assigned ToFriedemann  
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Product Version3.5.1 
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Summary0002111: Please add User Comment to available fields
DescriptionWe have a large number of images with data in the User Comment field, so it would be quite useful to have this as an available edit field. (Many images go way back - originally edited with Exifer!)
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2022-12-21 10:15

reporter   ~0004243

@reno You can configure this directly in the program to add it to your photos automatically. File > Settings > ExifTool > Use Additional Exiftool Commands after GS Commands. Check this option. In the window below, type the following: -UserComment=
Each time you save a file in GS, it overwrites the UserComment to this value you specify.

UserComment.jpg (51,775 bytes)
UserComment.jpg (51,775 bytes)


2022-12-21 20:47

developer   ~0004256

take a look into the help file under "GeoSetter Workflows | Additional ExifTool Commands |Additional ExifTool Commands".

Here you will find a description how to write "UserComment".


2023-02-26 18:45

reporter   ~0004685

Thanks, and that works fine, but it requires me to go into the settings dialog every time I want to change that field. So it's less useful when I want to edit that field on every image. It would be nice if in Edit Data it appeared somewhere. Possibly as a permanent field in Source/Description, or at least as a field that can be added in Custom View.

Thanks again.


2023-02-26 19:23

reporter   ~0004687

Is there anything in Custom View that can be used if not added?

Custom View.jpg (132,891 bytes)
Custom View.jpg (132,891 bytes)


2023-02-26 19:48

reporter   ~0004688

Sorry, I read too quickly the solution already proposed by @reno


2023-02-27 08:48

reporter   ~0004691

@reno The option I mentioned above is a good one if you don't change the comment data each time. Often times you will forget that adding a comment is activated and the problem is there.

Yes, I would also welcome the addition of User Comment among the optional columns. Whether or what this information is entered can currently only be determined by looking at the Exif data. There was one other item I missed in the optional columns, but I don't know what it was at the moment.


2023-03-08 16:32

reporter   ~0004708

I'm only now realizing that the ability to edit the User Comment for each file separately is very useful. So far I have been using it automatically for all files as I wrote above. But soon I will need to enter a comment for all files in one directory: First Name. For all files in the next directory Comment: Second name ... and so on. Going still to the main settings and changing it there all the time is about nothing.

As @xyzzy wrote, it would be so cool to add this to the box to display when editing a file.


2023-03-08 21:29

reporter   ~0004709

@Friedemann: Would it be possible to have a settings section managed by "Exiftool"?

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