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Summary0002065: Incorrect codepage encoding for Czech characters
DescriptionWhile editing the data for a set of images/pictures taken in the Czech Republic, I use the "Get from Web" button to fill in the Country, State/Province, City and Sublocation automatically. The names are found with correct Czech character spelling. However when selecting "Save Changes" I cannot find an option to select UTF-8 as the Codepage and GeoSetter uses (incorrectly) Latin 1.

My system runs on Windows 10 with US English by default. It seems that GeoSetter will then use Latin 1 (ANSI) (CP 1252) by default and accepts (strangely) certain Czech characters and consequently when trying to save the city name (or province) with Czech characters in the database (phpMyAdmin and pdo with utf8_general_ci for city column) I get the exception error "incorrect string value: '\x9Aovice." The city name for this example is HoleŇ°ovice.

It seems that GeoSetter doesn't always give the possibility to change the Codepage. When it does, selecting UTF-8 (CP 65001) for Czech characters corrects the error and prevents exception errors in the database.

I cannot find anywhere in the settings where to set UTF-8 as the default character set.
Is there a way or work around to set Unicode UTF-8 as the default Codepage in GeoSetter regardless of the Codepage used on my system?

Thank you in advance.

p.s. the version of GeoSetter is 3.5.3 (Build 2195)
Steps To ReproduceSelect any image, edit the data and select a city or province or sub location to a name with one or more Czech characters.
Save the changes. GeoSetter doesn't always detect the conversion error and does not give the possibility to change the Codepage other than the system Codepage.
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2019-11-20 00:39

developer   ~0003765

Have you tried to set the character coding to "Osteuropa (ANSI)" or "UTF-8"? You can find this setting under "File | IPTC Character Coding | Osteuropa (ANSI)" or "File | IPTC Character Coding | UTF-8"


2019-11-20 18:58

reporter   ~0003766

Hi Heiko,
Thank you for your suggestion, and for the solution actually !!!
It never occurred to me to look under File " IPTC, and it looks so obvious now that you mentioned it,. And that is exactly what I was looking for.
I chose UTF-8 and now everything works. I can save all the images with Czech city names in the database without exception errors, Any other Czech characters can be saved also and show correctly in the database records. This is brilliant !!
Thank you for your quick response Heiko, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much again!!!

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