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Summary0002058: GPS Coordinates
have a simple question, if there is not a GPS coordinate on the metada of the foto, how can i find the Location??
Thanks a lot
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2019-10-20 21:16

developer   ~0003742

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you can use the map to find to location. You can then assign the coordinates to the Image and save this data.

just take a look into the helpfile: "GeoSetter Workflows | Assigning Geo Data | Assigning Geo Data Manually"


2019-10-21 14:46

reporter   ~0003743

If you don't see the "Search" field below the map, click the pencil and the "Favorite", "Search" and "Coordinates" fields will appear. Under "Search" you can a street address.


2019-10-21 21:04

reporter   ~0003744

The question was if there are NO coordinates on the metadata from the foto!! is it possible to find the location??? So you see i have NO coordinates


2019-10-21 21:59

reporter   ~0003745

@Kieron this is what I understood:
The metadata of your photo does not contain any coordinates, but if you do know the name of the place (country, state, city), you can enter the address into the search field and click the button search. If the place can be found, a read marker will be placed on the map. Then you can drag the marker to a more exact position, if necessary, select one or more pictures and click the red marker with green arrow to left to assign the position to the image(s). Editing the image now, you will see the coordinates now.
Is this what you meant or did I misunderstand?

grafik.png (33,905 bytes)
grafik.png (33,905 bytes)


2019-10-23 18:45

reporter   ~0003748

Hello WilfriedB
Thanks i think i understand what you are trying to say, i Have the country and the town Engeland, Brighton, but thats it !! how can i find the place where that
foto is taken, IT's in a shop!! If you right click , you can see al the data, is that enough to find the exact place? Or Coordinates??
Thanks for your help,much much appriciated..

Screen Shot 042.PNG (1,096,916 bytes)


2019-10-23 19:13

reporter   ~0003749

@Kieron, you said the metadata of your photo doesn't have any coordinates. If you don't remember, where you made it, then you don't have any possibility.


2019-10-23 21:55

reporter   ~0003752

Okay thanks for al the help ! don't have to search anymore !
Thanks Again


2019-11-06 01:13

reporter   ~0003756

Try, if is possible, to make an average of previous and next foto locations (only if the time period between them is not too long, you might get the right location).


2019-11-11 19:00

reporter   ~0003759

i have one or two foto's , and they are not taken by me, send to me by mail, but i know what you mean, thanks anyway!

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