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0002052GeoSetterImage Datapublic2022-12-22 02:04
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Summary0002052: Inserted my own Google API as instructed; works but my markers don't show
DescriptionI have followed the instructions on and the Google map shows up. And when I select a picture with GPS coordinates the map centers on the location of the picture, but no marker is shown. Also I cannot set markers (none of them show up). When I switch to OpenStreetMap my markers don't show either.

Before (or without) my own Google API the OPenStreetMap works fine.
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2019-07-29 22:15

reporter   ~0003732

I've found the problem! The HTML page was unable to load the images for the markers. I probably did something wrong with step 6: adding the BASE tag. After going through the steps again it is working.

If you open the HTML file in your browser you'll notice a warning in the developer console. The Google Maps version used in the HTML has been retired. I fixed this by removing the v=3.14 query string argument.

Just replace YOUR-KEY-HERE with your API-key in the enclosed file and save as map_google.html and it will work (at least it did for me :)).

Correct map_google.txt (49,903 bytes)
Correct map_google.txt (49,903 bytes)

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