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Summary0002035: Content of "Artist" field displays a blank when "XMP Toolkit=XMP Core 4.4.0-exiv2" even when "xmp-tiff:artist" has valid data.
DescriptionI use GeoSetter 3.5.0 build 2188 as one of 4 different programs to edit the metadata in my photos. I am migrating my photos over to my new Synology NAS DS216J and I am using the Photo Station (supplied by Synology) to manage my photos with the Synology NAS Media Server.

When I was editing the metadata of one of my photo folders, I typically did the following:
1) I used ExifToolGUI application (with ExifTool v11.11) to set (amonst other things) the tag "xmp-tiff:artist = my name" on all pictures. (XMP Toolkit=Image::ExifTool 11.11)
2) When I viewed the same folder in GeoSetter (with Display mode capable to view the field "artist"), I can see my name OK in the artist column and is also OK in the artist field available in the Edit Window.
3) I then use GeoSetter (with latest ExifTool version) to set GPS and Location fields, photo description, ... --> all OK --> artist field is still OK = my Name. (XMP Toolkit=Image::ExifTool 11.33 or latest)
4) Then I use the Synology Photo Station program to define the people in the picture (name and rectangle regions). The XMP Toolkit becomes "XMP Core 4.4.0-exiv2".
5) When I go back in GeoSetter to check if the changes to my metadata are OK --> the column "artist" is now BLANK in BOTH the Display View and the Edit View of the artist field, even when the ExifTool View shows the photo tag xmp-tiff:artist tag = my name.
6) If I reuse ExifToolGUI or GeoSetter to modify anything in the photo metadata, the XMP Toolkit value becomes different than XMP Core 4.4.0-exiv2, and then the artist field reappears as normal with My Name in it.
CONCLUSION: Every single photo that is edited last with Photo Station ( and setting XMP Toolkit = XMP Core 4.4.0-exiv2) have the same problem for displaying the "artist" value.
Steps To Reproduce1) In a jpg photo, Set the tag xmp-tiff:artist to "ABC" with ExifTool or with GeoSetter. Then take a note of the value of the tag XMP Toolkit.
2) Using GeoSetter, check that the artist column displays normally="ABC"
          a) in Display Report View --> Artist="ABC"
          b) in Edit Mode Window --> Artist="ABC"
          c) in ExifTool Window, the tag xmp-tiff:artist = "ABC"
          d) in ExifTool Window, the tag XMP Toolkit is NOT equal to XMP Core 4.4.0-exiv2
3) Next, use the Synology application Photo Station, modify anything in the photo metadata that is editable within Photo Station --> Photo Station uses the XMP Toolkit = XMP COre 4.4.0-exiv2 to write the modified metadata in the jpg photo file header.
4) Go back to GeoSetter and view the same photo again --> the problem will now be present.
          a) in Display Report View --> Artist=BLANK
          b) in Edit Mode Window --> Artist=BLANK
          c) in ExifTool Window, the tag xmp-tiff:artist = "ABC" (no change to the tag content in the photo header)
          c) in ExifTool Window, the tag XMP Toolkit is now EQUAL to XMP Core 4.4.0-exiv2

Additional InformationOption 1 - If you want to have access to Photo Station, the Synology Web site offers a Demo Server where one can test the SYNOLOGY Desktop Station Manager and other Synology application (such as Photo Station) for free for 30 minutes.
Option 2 - you can use my sample photos + sample metadata files below (with and without the problem XMP Toolkit = XMP Core 4.4.0-exiv2)
Option 3 - you can email me in private and we can setup a collaborative remote session on my PC (with TEAM VIEWER + Skype) so that I can show you the problem in a live session.

Note 1: I used ExifToolGUI metadata export feature to extract all the photo metadata as *.TXT files (before and after every steps of my tests), and I used the "compare with ... " feature of Sublime Text to view the differences in these TXT files. I noticed that when the XMP Toolkit switches from ExifTool::Image 11.38 to XMP Core 4.4.0-exiv2, the tags in the photo header are rearranged (i.e. moved around) significantly. This could be a clue as to the root cause to the problem.
NOTE 2: Even when the photo was last modified by Photo Station (and XMP Toolkit=XMP COre 4.4.0-exiv2), the two ExifTool applications that I use can still read and report the photo metadata correctly (and the artist field is still OK). It is ONLY inside the GeoSetter Display Window (and in the Edit Window) that the artist data retrieved by GeoSetter from the photo metadata is not displayed correctly when the Toolkit= XMP COre 4.4.0-exiv2.



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