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0002030GeoSetterUser Interfacepublic2022-12-22 02:05
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
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Summary0002030: Request: Support for GPS tracks with (partially) missing timestamps
DescriptionCurrently, the map module has no problem displaying GPS tracks with missing time stamps; the whole track with all points is being displayed.

However, when synchronising images with these tracks, something weird happens. All images surrounding a GPS point without timestamp, are moved to the nearest point with timestamp.

Say I have 100 photos and a GPS track with 10 points defined, these correspond to photo 0, 10, 20, etc. However, point 5 (corresponding to photo 50) does not have a timestamp. When I now synchronise all photos to the track, then photos 0-40 and 60-100 are nicely put on the track by interpolating their timestamp with the GPS track. But photos 41-50 are all put together with photo 40, and 51-59 are all put together with photo 60. If I completely delete point 5 from the GPS track, then photos 41-59 are nicely interpolated between GPS point 4 and 6.

If this could be fixed, then it would really help me geotag large amounts of photos. I could create a timeless GPS track (for example using OpenRouteService), add the timestamps to only a few of the GPS points, and then have all my photos positioned correctly along the GPS track. (Assuming I kept a constant speed...)
Steps To Reproduce- Take a large collection of photos.
- Add GPS coordinates to the first, the last, and a few random photos in between.
- Select those photos and create a GPS track (File > Export to GPX Track File).
- Select all photos and synchronise them with the track (Edit > Synchronise with GPS Data Files). Notice how all photos are nicely distributed over the track.
- Open the track in a text editor, and remove the timestamps from some of the points.
- Re-open the GPS track in GeoSetter, and again synchronise all photos with the new track. Notice now how photos are clustered along the last trackpoint before and the first trackpoint after the point that doesn't have a timestamp.
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