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Summary0002023: Assigns no or null value locations to some images
I am encountering a problem where Geosetter says if can find gps information for all images, but it assigns correct locations to less than half of the files and some of those values are null (0,0).

I am trying to determine
1) if the problem I am encountering is a known error, and
2) if so, is there a known work around.
or maybe 3) user error

(If there is a different forum I should post this in, please point me in the right direction.)

I try to geotag a collection of images (.jpg) with a GPS track (.gpx). In geosetter under “sycrhonize with GPS Data Files”, it reports that it has found GPS data for all 239 images. But when I select yes to sync, it only assigns locations to 75 out of 239 images, and some of those assigned lat/long are null locations (0.0 South, 0.0 West). It assigns locations to the first and last images, and some of the images in the middle. There is no clear pattern of skipped images (ie., it does not select a regular interval of images or only a particular subsection of the flight).

The track is from a sUAS. The images are from a camera attached to the drone. All the camera images were taken within the time frame of the GPS track. The time offset between GPS clock and camera is known and was recorded at the time of data collection (1 sec; or 6:00:01 with the time zone correction).

I followed the general process of importing images, loading the gpx file, and selecting a matching image and point in the GPS track. Screenshots attached to document the full process. The last screenshot (05) shows the missing and incorrect data highlighted.

I have repeated this with the same dataset multiple times. I closed and restarted GeoSetter and rebooted my machine, made not difference. I have worked successfully with other datasets from the same camera and aircraft. There are no identifiable problems with the GPS track or image files.

Using GeoSetter 3.5 with Windows 10 (ver 1803)

Thanks in advance.
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