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Summary0002022: Feature Request: edit Taken Date by using another date information in the file
DescriptionSometimes the Taken Date information in an image file is <blank>; for example images downloaded from mobile phones. This is annoying because many picture viewer applications use the Taken Date to sort the images; when this data is not available, other date information is used and this can mean that images appear in the wrong place in the timeline.

The Date tab of the Edit dialog box allows the Taken Date to be set to a fixed date (user defined) or be adjusted forward / backward by a fixed offset (user defined). The feature proposal is to include additional options for setting the Taken Date field.

This would be useful when a user is making a mass update of image files taken from the same device because the issue will be consistent; ie they will have the same missing / available data.

The additional options would be:
- set Taken Date to be equal to Created Date
- set Taken Date to be equal to Modified Date
The function should copy both the date and time information to the Taken Date field.

Note: the Edit tool already allows the Date Created to be set equal to the Taken Date... this proposal is to use the same process in reverse.

Note: an additional option would be to allow the Date Created to be set equal to the Modified Date.
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