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Summary0002012: Support Lightroom via extensions (not only ExifTool)
DescriptionFirst of all I'd like to say I'm impressed by the Geosetter (I'm new to it).
I'm searching for a tool to workaround Lightroom (LR) policy to force me into subscription (ransomware) just because Google changes API and it blocks my LR from geoencoding images.
Trying Geosetter 3.5.0 xmp writing (Exiftool 11.*) proved to negatively impact my pictures (it may be Adobe's "feature", NOT your) - however I figured out that xmp manipulation for LR access is wrong because it is workaround while it should use LR API to set location directly without messing other values that get overwritten when xmp metadata is read-back into LR. Obviously a method that only changes intended data (preferably using official API) is needed.

I propose extending GeoSetter by: allowing Geosetter to call something else than current exiftool - e.g. any defined programme, local url, API call to geotag (or apply Geosetter-defined fields) to a file by its path in the way it chooses.

I'd then add a power shell (or vbs or lua) script that would apply that geolocation (lat/lon) to particular image using API or direct Litesql - this would affect ONLY location fields and other info will not get deleted by LR.

Possible roadmap:
ver 1:
In settings allow to define external program path and assign name to it on the context menu or menu bar.
When context menu /menu bar button used, call that program with 2 parameters: photo filename_with_path and xml/json serialized metadata package (put there whatever you have at hand so that no further configuration in previous step is needed). It shall return e.g. 0 for Ok, -1 for problems

ver n:
- add better communication (http post)
- add more configurability on UI (context menu ...) or data to be passed
- add more parameters
- add more return codes

Thanks again for great software, Marry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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